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Edward Sapir Scholarship in Linguistics

Félicitations à Jérémie Beauchamp et à Myriam Lapierre pour avoir remporté la bourse Edward Sapir en linguistique, attribuée aux étudiants les plus prometteurs qui entament leur quatrième année du programme en linguistique au premier cycle.

Congratulations to Jérémie Beauchamp and Myriam Lapierre for wining the Edward Sapir Scholarship in Linguistics, awarded the most promising students beginning the 4th year of the Honours program in Linguistics.

Bilingual Workshop in Theoretical Linguistics and Ottawa Conference for Linguistics Undergraduates

The Bilingual Workshop in Theoretical Linguistics and the Ottawa Conference for Linguistics Undergraduates, took place at the University of Ottawa on November 28th and 29th.

Talks from uOttawa linguistics members:

  • Kathleen Strader: How French is the Michif determiner phrase?
  • Kate Riccominni: Inserting the right v: Transitive v versus pure verbaliser v in Ojibwe
  • Brandon Fry & Éric Mathieu: Long-distance agreement and de re belief in Ojibwe
  • Myriam Lapierre: Vowels of Mebengokre
  • Kyumin Kim: Variation in the syntax of non-core arguments: PP, ApplP, and pP
  • Jérémy Beauchamp: Une description sémantique des constructions locatives en mebengokre
  • Daiho Kitaoka: An applicative analysis of the major subject construction in Japanese
  • Gita Zareikar & Paul Melchin: On plural marking in Persian













uOttawa MA & PhD

Le Département de linguistique de l’Université d’Ottawa accepte en ce moment les candidatures pour ses programmes de maîtrise et de doctorat (http://arts.uottawa.ca/linguistique/).  Nos champs d’expertise incluent toutes les disciplines centrales de la linguistique théorique (phonologie, morphologie, syntaxe et sémantique), ainsi que la linguistique empirique (phonétique, phonologie de laboratoire, acquisition, psycholinguistique, neurolinguistique, sociolinguistique, bilinguisme et documentation linguistique).  Nous avons quatre laboratoires de pointe (acquisition de la langue maternelle, potentiels évoqués, sociolinguistique et phonétique) et plusieurs groupes de discussion thématiques.

Vous trouverez les descriptions détaillées des intérêts de recherche de nos professeurs sur notre page web. Nous sommes sur le point d’embaucher deux nouveaux professeurs en phonologie et en syntaxe, qui se joindront à nous au cours de l’été.

Nous offrons un financement compétitif, tant à la maîtrise qu’au doctorat.

La date limite pour l’envoi des dossiers est le 15 janvier.  La procédure de soumission des dossiers est décrite au lien suivant :


N’hésitez pas à écrire directement à nos professeurs pour toute question sur leurs champs de recherche particuliers, ou à Marc Brunelle (mbrunell@uottawa.ca) pour des questions générales sur nos programmes.


The Department of Linguistics at the University of Ottawa invites applications for its MA and PhD programs (http://arts.uottawa.ca/linguistics/).  Our areas of expertise include all core disciplines of theoretical linguistics (phonology, morphology, syntax and semantics), as well as empirical linguistics (phonetics and laboratory phonology, acquisition, psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics, sociolinguistics, bilingualism, language variation and change and language documentation).  We have four state-of-the-art laboratories (first language acquisition, ERP, sociolinguistics and phonetics) and regularly hold several discussion groups addressing key areas in linguistics.

More detailed descriptions of our faculty’s research interests can be found on our web page.  We are in the process of hiring two new professors in phonology and syntax, who will join us this summer.

We offer competitive funding for both the MA and PhD programs.

The deadline for applications is January 15th.  For more details on the application procedure, please follow the link below:


Please do not hesitate to contact our professors for inquiries about their specific research interests, or Marc Brunelle (mbrunell@uottawa.ca) for general questions about the programs.


News from ADELSA

First of all, thank you to Professor Andrés Salanova for being part of our “Meet The Linguist” event and thank you to everyone who attended. We had a great turn out and it was a success!

Our next event will be held at The Loft (above the Lunenburg pub on Waller street) at 6pm on Tuesday November 4th.  The Loft is a fun social bar/restaurant atmosphere that offers a selection of over 800 board games to choose from. The admission is completely free for students but we will be accepting donations toward Movember (and maybe a few moustache themed activities).

The following event will be OCLU. This event will be happening on the 28th and the 29th of November!

This year BWTL  (Bilingual Workshop in Theoretical Linguistics) and OCLU (Ottawa Conference for Linguistic Undergraduates) will be held as a joint conference.

OCLU is a conference for Linguistic Undergrad research, there are many interesting presentations scheduled for this year and we hope to see you there.

November is here so make sure you keep posted on our Facebook page and website for upcoming Movember events.

Hope Everyone had a great Halloween!


Premièrement , nous aimerions remercier Professeur Andrés Salanova pour sa participation à notre évènement ”Rencontrer le Linguiste”. Il y a eu un bon taux de participation et ça a été une grande réussite!

Le prochain évènement sera a The Loft (situé au-dessus de la pub Lunenburg sur le chemin Waller) à 18h le 4 novembre. The Loft est un bar/restaurant de ambiance amusant et sociale qui offre une sélection de plus de 800 jeux de société. L’admission est totalement gratuit pour les étudiants, mais nous accepterons les dons vers Movember (et peut-être quelques activités de thème moustaches)

En suivant, sera OCLU, qui est prévu pour le 28 et 29 novembre prochain.

Cette année, ABLT (Atelier Bilingue de Linguistique Théorique) et OCLU (Conférence pour les étudiants en linguistique au baccalauréat) seront en colloque conjoint. Comme OCLU est une conférence pour les étudiants au baccalauréat en linguistique, il y aura plusieurs présentations intéressantes et nous espèrons vous y voir.

Le mois de novembre arrive à grands pas, alors soyez certains de vous tenir au courant à l’aide de notre page Facebook et notre site web pour les évènements du Movember.

En espérant que tout le monde a passé un Joyeux Halloween!

Future linguists in the Amazon

Last June, Jérémie Beauchamp, Myriam Lapierre and Julie Barette, three students from the Linguistics Department, went to Brazil to accompany Prof. Andrés Salanova during his research and learn about linguistic field methodology in a real field setting.

They spent three weeks in the Djudjêkô village in the state of Pará, where about 350 Xikrins are living. They were able to take part in rituals, such as dancing and body painting, to practice speaking in Mebengokre to the villagers, and to form special bonds and friendships with the people. They had an experience of a lifetime.


News from ADELSA

Les membres de ADELSA aimeraient offrir un grand bienvenue à tous les nouveaux et nouvelles étudiant(e)s de linguistiques cette année; ont espères que vous sommes bien ajustés et que vous avez profités de vos premières semaines d’université.

Nous voulons aussi accueillir notre équipe exécutif, dirigée par la présidente Stephanie Riopelle cette année!

Nous avons hate de vous voir a nos événements à venir.

Un grand MERCI à tout ceux qui ont participés à nos événements de la journée AM, qui comprenait d’une chasse aux trésors qui a aidé les étudiants à se familiariser avec l’ensemble de nos ressources ici dans le département de linguistique, ainsi que près de l’université.


The members of ADELSA would like to welcome all the new linguistics students this year; we hope that you are all adjusting well and enjoying your first few weeks of university life.

We would also like to welcome our brand new executive team, lead by our president Stephanie Riopelle this year!

We look forward to seeing you all at our upcoming events.

A big THANK YOU to all who participated in our MA day activities, which included a scavenger hunt that helped students to familiarize themselves with all of our great resources here in the linguistics department, as well as around the university.


Recent presentations (May 2014)

Here are many recent presentations by members of the Linguistics department (by date):

Shana Poplack gave a plenary talk: Canadian French an endangered language? at the 36th International LAUD Symposium. University of Koblenz-Landau, Germany. March 31st -April 3rd.

Michael Hamilton (McGill University) & Brandon Fry (U Ottawa) gave a talk on “Long-distance agreement in Algonquian: Accounting for syntactic variation” at the 50th Annual Meeting of the Chicago Linguistics Society (CLS 50), April 11, 2014, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, USA.


Presentations at the 7th Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal Semantics workshop, April 12th at U of Toronto

  • Invited speaker, Andres Salanova “Evidentiality’s relationship with tense and aspect: two problems
  • Tharanga Weerasooriya “Expressing exhaustivity and anti-exhaustivity in the nominal domain in Sinhala
  • Vesela Simeonova “Presumptive use of the future tense marker ‘sthe’ in Bulgarian”
  • Ana Werkmann “On Modal Strength in Croatian”


Brandon Fry & Éric Mathieu gave a talk on “Ojibwe words as complex heads?” at 19th Workshop on Structure and Constituency in the Languages of the Americas (WSCLA 19), April 25, 2014, Memorial University, St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada.

María Luisa Rivero and Vesela Simeonova (U Ottawa) presented “The inferential future in Bulgarian: An evidential modal Proposal” at the Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics 23 on May 2-4th at Berkeley, California.


Presentations at Development 2014: A Canadian Conference on Developmental Psychology:

  • Thyra Driver and Chris Fennell “Lexical fast-mapping under 12 months of age”
  • Stephanie Strahm, Elizabeth Morin-Lessard, Mike Page and Tania Zamuner “The effect of production on word-learning in four to six year old children.

Upcoming presentations (Spring-Summer 2014)

Here are upcoming presentations from members of the Linguistics Department:


The Canadian Linguistics Association will hold the 2014 conference from May 24th to May 26th, 2014 at Brock University.

  • Philip Comeau (U Ottawa) Anne-José Villeneuve (U Toronto), The expression of future temporal reference in Picardie French
  • Jeffrey Lamontagne (U Ottawa) Examining ‘opposing’ processes in Quebec French mid vowels
  • Laura Sabourin, Jean-Christophe Leclerc, Michele Burkholder & Christie Brien (U Ottawa), Bilingual lexical organization: Is there a sensitive period?
  • Christie Brien & Laura Sabourin (U Ottawa) Age of L2 acquisition has a greater influence on L1 metalinguistic awareness than proficiency
  • Brandon J. Fry (Ottawa) The (un)interpretability of {α}: A derivational approach
  • María Luisa Rivero & Vesela Simeonova (U Ottawa), An evidential modal in Bulgarian: The inferential future

Upcoming plenary by Shana Poplack. 2014. Langue prescrite, langue d’usage.  Journées de linguistique suisse 8 (Swiss Linguistics Association), University of Zurich. June.

Upcoming talk Kastronic, Laura & Poplack, Shana. 2014. Be that as it may: The unremarkable trajectory of the (North) American English subjunctive. International Society for the Linguistics of England (ISLE) 3. University of Zurich. August.

Upcoming poster: Zamuner, T.S., Morin-Lessard, E., Strahn, S., & Page, M. (July 2014). Measuring the timecourse of spoken word recognition with and without productionInternational Association on the Study of Child Language, Amsterdam.

Upcoming symposium talk: Zamuner, T.S., Moore, C., Sullivan, E..,McIntyre, R., Weinhold, M., & Strahm, S. (July 2014). Picture naming task and the development of spoken word productionInternational Association on the Study of Child Language, Amsterdam.

Emily Sullivan – summer intership award at uAlberta

Congratulations to Emily Sullivan who received internship for this summer through the University of Alberta Research Experience program. She’ll be collaborating with Drs. Anja Arnhold, Kara Hawthorne and Juhani Järvikivi at UAlberta’s Centre for Comparative Psycholinguistics. The project looks at how children determine what pronouns they hear in spoken language refer to.



Adelsa social – Annual Taste Party on Friday, March 28th at 1848!

Come try our rare African Miracle Berry that will set your tastebuds for a spin! Sour will taste sweet, and we’ll have all sorts of exotic fruits and candies for you to try! We will also be raffling some awesome linguistics apparel, so if you missed the order, its not too late! All proceeds will be going towards Relay for Life. Don’t miss out!

This event will be on Friday, March 28th at 1848!

For more details contact Adelsa.

Centre for Child Language Research at Funganza, Kidsfest and Ottawa Baby Show

Stephen Levey and Tania Zamuner, with Chris Fennell (Language Development Lab, Psychology) and Cristina Attance (Childhood Cognition and Learning Lab, Psychology), showcased the Centre for Child Language Research at Funganza at Funhaven in Febuary 2014. Upcoming events are at Kidsfest in April and the Ottawa Baby Show in May 2014.

Adelsa social at Skyzone

The undergraduate linguistics association Adelsa is hosting an event with the Classics student association Friday Jan. 31st at  Skyzone, which is a trampoline filled building. Please contact Adelsa for more information.

Wine and cheese – Jan. 10th, 2014

The Department of Linguistics hosted a Wine and Cheese on Friday Jan. 10th as an information session for students interested in the graduate program.

It was a great success and in the words of an undergraduate who attended “It was really great to get a chance to think about our futures in such a positive and encouraging atmosphere, and you can’t go wrong with free baguette! The Wine and Cheese made me excited about continuing my education at uOttawa“.

Department Success at UROP

Charlotte Moore and Natalie Ho were pre-selected to be part of the best poster competition in the UROP Symposium for 2013. Natalie Ho was awarded the best poster prize for UROP. Congratulations to Charlotte and Natalie!

(thanks to Tania Zamuner)

ADELSA apparel

ADELSA rocks some pretty sweet apparel.  It’s a great memento of the school year, as each year we offer something different, and always in a new colour.  It makes a great birthday gift or grad gift.  This year, we will have four options:
1) Teal t-shirt saying “Je veux etre un schwa, parce qu’il est jamais stresse”  (I wish I was a schwa, because it’s never stressed)  $20.00
2) Grey t-shirt saying “this is a wug.  Now there are two.  There are two ___” $20.00
3) Burgundy hoodies with a zipper saying linguistics in IPA in French and
English on the back $45.00
4) Underwear – pink with teal edging, saying “I’d tap that” using the IPA tap $10.00

Order forms will be available on ouwebsiteshortly: