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Eric Mathieu and Gita Zareikar in “Linguistic Variation”

Eric and Gita’s paper “Measure words, plurality, and cross-linguistic variation” has appeared in Linguistic Variation 15(2). Here is the link to the volume (Dennis’s paper is also here!): https://benjamins.com/#catalog/journals/lv.15.2/toc. Congratulations!

New publications by Dennis Ott

Dennis has a number of important publications in the pipeline, some already peaking out:  an accepted  LI squib titled “Fragment Anchors Do Not Support the Syntactic Integration of Appositive Relative Clauses: Reply to Griffiths and De Vries 2013”,  an accepted Glossa paper titled “Ellipsis in appositives” (both are available on his website, http://artsites.uottawa.ca/dennis-ott/research/publications/), as well as a paper that  just came out in Linguistic Variation 15(2) titled “Connectivity in left-dislocation and the composition of the left periphery”. Dennis will also be giving a talk at GLOW in April, titled “Nominal appositives as speech acts” (part of a workshop on the phonological and syntactic representation of speech acts).

Presentations by Basile Roussel

Basile will be presenting at the following conferences:

Roussel, B. Linguistic variation in a minority setting: a variationist study of subjunctive use in Acadian French. 46th Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages (LSRL 46), Stony Brook University (SUNY), New York. April 2016. (Poster presentation)

Roussel, B. Deux auxiliaires pour le prix d’un: l’alternance entre avoir et être en français acadien. Les français d’ici International Symposium, Université de Saint-Boniface, Winnipeg, MB. June 2016.

Basile was also asked to give a guest conference at Nepean High School in Ottawa to introduce students to Linguistics: Quel français parlons-nous? Introduction à l’étude de la variation linguistique. Guest lecture for the University of Ottawa Professor-Ambassadors Program to introduce high school students to Linguistics, Nepean High School, Ottawa, ON. May 2016.


Presentations by Kathleen Strader

Kathleen made a presentation at the Winter 2016 meting of the  SPCL (Society of Pidgin and Creole languages) which is attached to the LSA. Her presentation title was `’DP structure in Michif evidence for a unified syntax’.

Kathleen will also be making a presentation on Michif adjectives at the April meeting of WSCLA (Workshop on the structure and constituency of the languages of the Americas). https://sites.google.com/site/wscla2016/home


Presentations by Tharanga Weerasooriya

Tharanga has two upcoming presentations:

(1) A poster presentation titled `Expressing Exhaustivity and Ant-exhaustivity with Q-articles in Sinhala’, at the 6th Formal Approaches to South Asian Linguistics held 12-13 March 2016 at UMass Amherst.

(2) A paper presentation titled `Deriving Ignorance in the Nominal Domain in Sinhala: a disjunction based account’ at the 32nd South Asian Languages Analysis Roundtable (SALA-32), held 27-29 March at the University of Lisbon, Portugal.

Congratulations Tharanga!


Congratulations to Yukiko Yoshizumi

Yukiko Yoshizumi successfully defended her PhD dissertation. The title of her thesis is !A Canadian Perspective on Japanese-English Language Contact”. The thesis supervisor was Prof. Stephen Levey.



January 31 2016

Hello everyone,

Welcome to our first issue of Hiatus 2016! We plan to have our next issue out in February. Send us your news. Have you gone to a conference recently? Are you planning to? Papers, books, encyclopedias coming out? Let us know!

your editors,

Tharanga, Jérémie and Ana

Welcome Kevin McMullin!



This semester we welcome Kevin McMullin to our Department. Kevin is an assistant professor in phonology, with interests in theoretical phonology, consonant harmony and dissimilation, formal models of learning and artificial language learning. Here is his contact information at the Department:  https://arts.uottawa.ca/linguistics/people/mcmullin-kevin. Kevin’s PhD dissertation (“Tier-Based Locality and Long-Distance Phonotactics: Learnability and Typology”) addressed questions such as whether the typology of non-adjacent phonotactic patterns reflect properties of human learning mechanisms, whether phonological theories of long-distance interaction are compatible with experimental results and learning algorithms, and the impact of phonological tiers on computational models of long-distance phonotactic learning.

You can find more information about Kevin’s research on his old UBC webpage here: http://linguistics.ubc.ca/persons/kevin-mcmullin/







MOTH 2016 Syntax Workshop

The fourth Montreal-Ottawa-Toronto-Hamilton Syntax Workshop will take place on April 15-16 at the University of Toronto, Mississauga. You can find more information about the conference here:


This is a great opportunity to interact with students and professors from Ontario and Quebec, as well as further afield. This year, the invited speaker will be Ivona Kučerová. (McMaster University)

The conference organizers are  Arslaan Kahnemuyipour, Dan Milway and Rebecca Tollan. Please contact Rebecca Tollan for further information (becky.tollan-at-mail.utoronto.ca).

PsychoShorts 2016

Psychoshorts 2016 is on its way. The conference will take place at the University of Ottawa on February 27 2016.

The keynote speaker this year will be Dr. Josée Lagacé of the School of Rehabilitation Sciences. You can learn more about Prof. Lagacé here:http://www.health.uottawa.ca/sr/personnel/jlagace.htm. Prof. Lagacé will discuss adaptation of speech in noise tests for both clinical practice and research, pilot work on clinical evaluation of speech perception of French speaking children who live in minority linguistic environments, and ERP research examining speech in noise.

The talks and poster sessions will allow researchers to discuss their work, including research in progress and project proposals. Submissions by undergraduate and graduate students are particularly welcome.

The call for papers is below (closed on January 29).For more information, email psychoshorts2016-at-gmail.com.

PsychoShorts2016-call for papers

MOLT 2016 Phonology Workshop

The Montreal-Ottawa-Laval-Toronto Phonology Workshop 2016 (MOLT 2016) will be hosted by the School of Linguistics and Language Studies at Carleton University. The workshop will take place on March 18-20. Please contact Lev Blumenfeld (organizer) for details (lev.blumenfeld-at-carleton.ca). The program will be announced in February.

Here is the program of last year’s MOLT, fyi: http://individual.utoronto.ca/rcraioveanu/MOLT/program.html

Discourse-Pragamatic Variation and Change 3

The third instalment of the biennial conference “Discourse-Pragmatic Variation and Change” (DiPVaC3) will take place at the University of Ottawa on May 4-6,6 (local organizing committee: Stephen Levey, Salvatore Digesto, Julie Barette). Here is some information about the conference:

“DiPVaC3 provides a platform for the presentation of cutting-edge research into variation and change in the use of items and constructions often referred to as discourse markers or pragmatic particles whose primary functions are interpersonal and textual (e.g. welllikeyou knowcommealorsdochzwardiciamodakedo). It also provides a forum for the formation of new international and multidisciplinary research networks exploring the theoretical and social importance of quantitative research into discourse-pragmatic variation and change.”

You can learn more here:


Algonquian Reading Group

The next meeting of the Algonquian Reading Group will take place on Wednesday February 3, at 2.30. Brandon will present Déchaine, Cook, Muehlbauer and Waldie (2015) on evidentiality. Please contact Kathleen Strader for more details (kathleen.strader-at-uottawa.ca).

CLO-OPL Call for papers

The University of Ottawa’s working papers in Linguistics CLO-OPL  (Cahiers linguistics d’Ottawa/ Ottawa Papers in Linguistics) welcomes new submissions.  CLO-OPL is an excellent opportunity for students to gain experience in the editorial process and obtain the first publications of their work. CLO-OPL welcomes submissions from students and faculty in all areas in linguistics, accepting submissions in both English and French. Please contact Paul Melchin for more information (pmel074-at-uottawa.ca).

You can find more information about CLO-OPL here: http://artsites.uottawa.ca/clo-opl/en

December 1 2015

Welcome to the new issue of Hiatus, our Department’s newsletter. We hope to have a new issue out next year (beginning of January!). Send us your news! Have you presented at any conferences lately? Are you going to? Is your book coming out soon? Any good linguistics jokes? Let us know!

your Hiatus editorial team, Jérémie, Tharanga and Ana