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The Hispanic Linguistics Symposium 2013

The Department of Modern Languages and the Language Acquisition Research Lab at the University of Ottawa, Canada, will be hosting the Hispanic Linguistics Symposium (HLS), October 17-20, 2013.

Invited speakers:

Liliana SánchezRutgers University

“Modularity from the bilingual perspective: Crosslinguistic influence, feature reassembly and functional convergence”


Jason RothmanUniversity of Reading

“Cognitive Economy, Non-Redundancy and Typological Primacy in L3 Acquisition: Evidence from the initial stages of (mostly) Western Romance”


Eulalia BonetUniversitat Autonoma de Barcelona

« Determiners and other prenominal elements at the phonology-morphology-syntax interface »

Ana ArreguiUniversity of Ottawa

“Deriving and cancelling counterfactuality implicatures in conditionals”








Contacts: Juana Liceras and Elena Valenzuela

Meeting Email: HLS2013.uottawa@gmail.com


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