Marie-Dominique Asselin



PHD, History. University of Ottawa, (2014-2019)
MA, History. University of Ottawa, (2012-2014)
Certificate, History. UQAM (Montreal), (2011-2012)
Bachelor in French literature. UQAM (Montreal), (2008-2012)


French, English
Polish (Intermediate)
German (beginner)



2017-2018: 10 000$: excellence Scholarship
2016-2017 – 10 000$: Excellence scholarship
May 2016 – 2 000$: Truda Rosenberg Grant
Fall 2014 – 1 500$: Dean’s scholarship


2016-2018 – 20 000$ US/year: Saul Kgan Fellowship in Advances Shoah Studies
2016-2018 – 15 000$ CA/year: Ontario Graduate Scholarship
2017-2019 - 20 000$ CA/year: Fond de recherche du Québec-Société et culture


August 2017 (Ottawa)
Article untitled “Antisemitism in Poland: No, the Nazis didn’t invent it”.

June 2017
Active History
Article untitled “History: Contemporary Poland’s Battefield”

May 2017
Revue Histoire engagée
Article untitled “L’histoire: champ de bataille de la Pologne contemporaine.
Article chosen as the article of the month by the Canadian Historical Association (CHA).

May 2017 (Ottawa)
Revue d’Histoire Sociale/Social history
Review essay: untitled Revisited the Holocaust in the XXIst Century.
GOLDBERG, Adara. Holocaust Survivors in Canada : Exclusion, Inclusion, Transformation, 1947-1955. GODA, Norman J.W. (ed.) Jewish Histories of the Holocaust : New Transnational Approaches. GOLDBERG, Amos and Haim Hazan (ed.) Marking Evil. Holocaust Memory in the Global Age.

August 2014 (Ottawa)
Thesis entitled  “Écrire et réécrire l’histoire” (“ Writing and rewriting history”) under the supervision of Professor Jan Grabowski. The thesis was a historiography’s study (based on the work of fourth historians: Emanuel Ringelblum, Raul Hilberg, Yisraël Gutman and Gunnar S. Paulsson) interactions between the Jews and the Poles during the Holocaust based upon the Jewish testimonies and diaries.


November 27th -29th 2017 (Vienna, Austtria)
Simon Wiesenthal Conference 2017: (In)Glorious Victims? Challenging the Paradigms of Memory Politics in Europe.
Presentation untitled: The Foundation of the Second Republic of Poland as a Vector of Violence during the German Occupation. Deconstruction of the Polish National Narratives of Victimhood for a better Understanding of Polish-Jewish Relations.

June 25TH – 29th 2017 (Jerusalem, Israel)
Third Workshop for Advanced PhD Candidates from North America and Israel who Are Working on the Holocaust (Yad Vashem, Jerusalem).
Presentation untitled Justice as Witness: “The Role Played by the Mucicipal, Disctrct and Appellate Court in the Fate of the Jews in the Generalgouvernement 1939-1942”.

June 11th-15th 2017 (Washington DC, United States)
Saul Kagan Fellowship in Advanced Shoah Studies Annual Workshop (United-States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM), Washington).
Presentation of my research untitled: “The Role Played by the Municipal, District and Appellate Courts in the Fate of the Jews in the Generalgouvernement: Otwock, Siedlce, Warsaw (1939-1942)”.

April 2nd 2017 (Ottawa, Canada)
Symposium Pierre-Savard (University of Ottawa)
Speaker for the Round Table: “The Contemporary Challenges of Historical Research: Here and Abroad”.

November 3rd- 6th 2016 (Claremont, California)
Lessons and Legacies Conferences (Claremont McKenna College)
Speaker for the panel “New Sources and New Questions: Compared Microhistories in Poland and in France”.
Conference untitled “Jews and Municipal Courts in Poland During the German Occupation: The Case of Otwock”.

March 2016 (Ottawa)
Symposium Pierre-Savard (University of Ottawa)
Speaker for the panel “New approaches in micro-history of the Holocaust”
Conference on the implication of the polish municipal court in the fate of the Jews in the Generalgouvernement during the German Occupation”

May 23rd-25th 2015 (Ottawa)
Symposium Pierre-Savard (University of Ottawa)
Speaker for the panel “Racism, Violence and Violent Racism”
Conference on the difficulties of facing the Holocaust in the years 2000 in Poland. How the Polish institutions are dealing with the past of their country and the problematic of the relations between the Jewish and the Polish community.
Symposium Pierre-Savard (University of Ottawa)
Speaker for the panel “The press in the twentieth century : Place of Duty in Canada’s history.” Conference on the perception of the persecution of European Jews and the Holocaust in editorials of “Le Devoir”(Daly newspaper of Montreal) from 1938 to 1945. What is the place of Daly newspapers in the writing of our history and, in this particular case, that the Holocaust.


Fall 2016 – Winter 2018 (Ottawa)
Professor-Ambassador for the Faculty of Arts (University of Ottawa)
History of the Holocaust: Giving conferences in high school about the Holocaust and answering questions from the students.

May 17th and 18th 2017 (University of Ottawa)
Teacher for the workshop “Holocaust: Understanding the Jewish Genocide”.
Preparation of the workshop and teaching 11th grade students.

May 1st- 5th (University of Ottawa)
Professor for the Enrichment mini-course program named “What Is a Genocide?”.
Preparation of the classes and teaching high school students.

Summer 2016 (Ottawa)
Part-time professor for the class HIS2351A “Selected Topic in Contemporary History: The Genocides of the 20th Century”. Preparations of the classes, teaching, creation of exams and papers, corrections, grading.

2014-2015 (Montreal)
French and History teacher at « Oxford Learning NDG » (Montreal) : Teaching student from elementary to university level

2011 (Montreal)
Teaching assistant and corrector: Language School: UQAM Helping non- francophone students with their reading, writing and oral communication. Give some lectures. Assess learners according to the correction code of the School of Languages ​​at UQAM. Correction of assignments and exams on time given by the teacher. Creation, preparation and handling of teaching materials.


May-June 2016 (Poland-Israel)
Doctoral research trip in Poland (Sieldce, Otwock, Nidzica)
Participation of the Workshop for the “Saul Kagan Fellowship in Advanced Shoah Studies” in Jerusalem.
Doctoral Research in the Archives of Yad Vashem Institute.

Winter 2016 (Ottawa)
Research assistant: University of Ottawa (for Professor Michel Bock). Research in the archives of the Student paper “La Rotonde” from 1932 to 1960. Tracing the discourses of the francophone students’ engagement in Ontario. Scanning and printing. Indexing.

Fall 2015 (Ottawa)
Research assistant: University of Ottawa (for Professor Stéphane Lévesque). Creation of a survey. Making quantitative and qualitative analysis. Writing, editing and proofreading texts.

2012-2014 (Ottawa and Montreal)
Research Assistant: University of Ottawa (for Professor Pierre Anctil). Doing research in the archives of “Le Devoir” (Daly newspaper from Montreal). Read every issue from 1947 to 1963. Tracing the discourse on Quebec and immigration. Scanning and printing. Indexing.


Febuary 2014 (Montreal) Copy editor and proof-reader for the “Canadian Encyclopaedia” contract: Verification of the facts and the interpretation of the sources of historical articles. Revision and linguistic’s correction.

Summer 2013 and summer 2014 (Krakow)
Szkoła Jezyka i kultury polskiej Universetu Jagiellonskiego
(School of  Polish Language and Culture, Krakow): I learn the Polish language (grammar, vocabulary and speaking ). University course on the cultural history of Poland

About holocaust

The goal of the Holocaust Research Group (HRG) is to bring together scholars and students interested in the study of the Holocaust and to create a forum for intellectual exchange for its members and for our guests from outside the University community. The HRG will encourage its members to build and to pursue joint research projects and to seek collaboration with researchers both in Canada, and abroad. HRG is an interdisciplinary community of scholars that includes historians, political scientists and sociologists. In addition to regular Faculty, the HRG welcomes student participants, undergraduates, graduates and postgraduates who will be able not only to present their research but also to become involved in the ongoing research projects of the members of the Group. HRG organizes, on monthly basis, open seminars and invites scholars from outside the university community. Our mandate includes also the organization on campus of the University of Ottawa of learned meetings and conferences.
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