Research paper Prize for undergraduate students

Research paper Prize for undergraduate students


We are happy to announce the Holocaust Research Group Undergraduate Research Paper Prize

The research papers shall be based on your research of the Visual History Archive, which the University of Ottawa students can access through the U of O Library website.  From the 55,000 interviews with survivors of the Holocaust you will have to select two interviews with people who survived the Holocaust in the same area (city, ghetto, county).

The essays submitted for the competition will have to: describe the social, religious and family background of the selected survivors, you will need to enquire into the area from which they hailed. You will need to provide a detailed account of pre-war Jewish-gentile (non-Jewish) relations in the area. Go on to discuss the war-time experiences, including the ghettoization period (if applicable) and later. If you are unable to locate any evidence relating directly to the ghetto, city or town of the survivor, extend your research into nearby areas, and look for similar situations/places. Try to research the issue of Jewish-gentile war-time relations in the light of your two testimonies and compare them with the similar experiences noted in the historical literature, or in the contemporary diaries. Please, remember that placing your witness in their historical context is essential.  Try to compare the two accounts, looking at the ways in which individual oral testimonies can corroborate, contradict or otherwise add to the written historical record.

At each point, you will have to corroborate your findings from the testimony with the existing historical literature: articles, books, encyclopaedia entries (Wikipedia is not allowed). Your paper should be about 20 pages long maximum, excluding the bibliography. Please, use Chicago style (no MLA, please) and provide footnotes/endnotes (preferably footnotes).  The text must be in Times New Roman 12 points font, double spacing, as per the history department’s essay style guide.

Eligibility: undergraduate students at the University of Ottawa.

Deadline:  the essays must be submitted on or before February 28, 2018 at 23:59. The winner shall be announced before the end of March.

The Prize: the author of the winning essay will receive a lump payment of $ 200,00, and the essay will be published on the HRG website.






About holocaust

The goal of the Holocaust Research Group (HRG) is to bring together scholars and students interested in the study of the Holocaust and to create a forum for intellectual exchange for its members and for our guests from outside the University community. The HRG will encourage its members to build and to pursue joint research projects and to seek collaboration with researchers both in Canada, and abroad. HRG is an interdisciplinary community of scholars that includes historians, political scientists and sociologists. In addition to regular Faculty, the HRG welcomes student participants, undergraduates, graduates and postgraduates who will be able not only to present their research but also to become involved in the ongoing research projects of the members of the Group. HRG organizes, on monthly basis, open seminars and invites scholars from outside the university community. Our mandate includes also the organization on campus of the University of Ottawa of learned meetings and conferences.
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