Check this page to see who, in addition to the initial endorsers, supports the document. Feel free to endorse the document yourself.

Individual endorsers do not represent their employers or the organizations of which they are part.

Companies and their representatives, as well as sector representatives, are welcome to endorse the document.

Contact us at to endorse the Innovation Decalogue.


Institutional Endorsers:

Presidents’ Committee on Science, Technology and Innovation, Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC)


Individual Endorsers:

Joyce Beare-Rogers

Alan Bernstein

Michael Bordt

Paul Clark

Simon-Pierre Demers

Patrick Fafard

Robert Fessenden

Pierre Gagnon

Janet Halliwell

Adam Holbrook

Peter Josty

Cooper H Langford

William Leiss

Rasigan Maharajh

Margaret McCuaig-Johnston

Susan McDaniel

Axel Meisen

Errol Mendes

Touraj Nasseri

Anita Ng

Peter Nicholson

Hon. Kelvin Ogilvie

Daniel Paré

Peter W.B. Phillips

Reynold Sukara

Ian Thomas

Brenda Wilson

Brian Wixted

David Wolfe