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Translators through History

This Directory was originally put together in 1991 for a very specific purpose: to compile a thematic history of translation. The project drew to a close with the publication of Translators through History (1995, 2nd ed., 2012) / Les traducteurs dans l’histoire (1995, 2nd ed., 2007).

The launch took place in 1996 at the XIVth FIT World Congress (Melbourne, Australia). More than 50 historians of translation contributed to this collective work, coedited by Jean Delisle and Judith Woodsworth.

Les Traducteurs dans l'histoire

Since 1996, that collective work has been translated into Portuguese (Os tradutores na história, São Paulo, Brazil, Editora Atica, 1998), in Spanish (Los Traductores en la historia (Medellin, Colombia, Editorial Universidad de Antioquia, 2005), in Arabic (Al Mutargemoon Abr Altarikh, Koweït City, Dar Al Elm, Koweït, 2006) and in Romanian (Traducatorii în istorie, Timisoara, Editura Universitatii de Vest, 2008).

The International Directory of Historians of Translation has served many other purposes. It has turned out to be a useful tool in organizing conferences on the history of translation or finding the right people to participate in certain team efforts, for example. We therefore invite historians of translation to fill out the Registration Form. For those who are already listed in the Directory, would you please let us know if you wish to make any changes to your listing.