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The starting point for this project derives from one simple question: How do new communication channels impact advertising and consumers?

We wish to examine, from an objective standpoint, the full range of media-related parameters used to develop an advertising campaign in today’s context—a context characterized by the advent of new media and new advertising channels (podcasting, DVRs, PVRs, blogs, content-sharing sites, virtual community portals, advergaming, video portals, Web TV, Web radio, mobile phones, Blackberry devices, etc.).

New media are a relatively new field of study in communications. Indeed, they are forcing the advertising world to look within itself and challenge itself. As Pierre Delagrave notes in his book Erase Everything and Starts Over!, the traditional models do in fact need to be questioned: “The last ten years have been the Internet decade. They have been a time of innovation… The Internet has been a channel for integrating all products and solutions.”

We’re familiar with the role played in advertising by the leading media—television, radio, dailies, magazines and billboards. However, little has been done in the way of striving to understand and describe the importance, role and impact of new advertising channels on the way persuasive communication campaigns are built.