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Some Black History in Canada

Posted by lamacs On February - 21 - 2019

Women in the Promised Land: Essays in African Canadian Histoiry

Posted by lamacs On February - 8 - 2019

Women in the “Promised Land” places African Canadian women’s lived experiences, identities, and histories at the centre of Canada’s past. This collection of original research edited by leading scholars in the field encourages readers to interrogate the idea of Canada as a “Promised Land” by examining the rich and varied history of African Canadian women.

The nine chapters span the early 1830’s of slavery through to the late twentieth centuries of activism. This interdisciplinary collection draws on existing research from cultural studies, literary studies, communications, and visual culture to reframe familiar figures in African Canadian women’s history, such as feminist Mary Ann Shadd and civil rights activist Viola Desmond, in the wider African diaspora.

This invaluable text sheds light on questions of the past, present, and future in the field, and is best suited for undergraduate courses in women’s studies, African studies, sociology, and history.

“Guided by the adage ‘the half has never been told,’ the editors and contributors have combed the field of Black women’s history and have presented to us a collection that is rich and textured.… The research for this collection is remarkable, the analyses coherent, and the individual stories fundamental. Women in the ‘Promised Land’ is a welcome addition to the study of Black women’s history. The editors must be commended for having the vision to make this outstanding work come to light.”  (Afua Cooper, James R. Johnston Chair in Black Canadian Studies, Dalhousie University)

“We have all been waiting for quite some time for this dynamic collection of new essays in African Canadian women’s history. Broaching topics such as slavery and visual culture, temperance, labour, and civic leadership, this book makes a key contribution to African Canadian history. It will surely attract a robust general audience.” (Barrington Walker, Department of History, Queen’s University_

Decentering Canadian History Studies

Posted by lamacs On July - 10 - 2015

For many Canadians, the history of African-Canadians is limited to the Underground Railroad. It’s a history that some historians are working to expand upon. Boulou Ebanda de B’Béri, professor of Communication and Cultural Studies at the University of Ottawa, and co-editor of “The Promised Land: History and Historiography of the Black Experience in Chatham-Kent’s Settlements and Beyond,” joins The Agenda in the Summer to discuss his efforts to move African-Canadian history out of the margins. Watch Prof. Boulou Ebada de B’béri’s interview with Piya Chattopadhyay here.

The Promised Land Project Final Report (2007-2012)

Posted by lamacs On October - 2 - 2014


Fethi Mansouri, Boulou Ebanda de B’béri, Eds. (Routledge Research in Comparative Politics), Routledge, 2014

Multiculturalism is now seen by many of its critics as the source of intercultural and social tensions, fostering communal segregation and social conflicts. While the cultural diversity of contemporary societies has to be acknowledged as an empirical and demographic fact, whether multiculturalism as a policy offers an optimal conduit for intercultural understanding and social harmony has become increasingly a matter of polarized public debate.

This book examines the contested philosophical foundations of multiculturalism and its, often controversial, applications in the context of migrant societies. It also explores the current theoretical debates about the extent to which multiculturalism, and related conceptual constructs, can account for the various ethical challenges and policy dilemmas surrounding the management of cultural diversity in our contemporary societies. The authors consider common conceptual and empirical features from a transnational perspective through analysis of the case studies of Australia, Canada, Columbia, Germany, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Uruguay.

This book will be of interest to students and scholars of political science, comparative politics, international studies, multiculturalism, migration and political sociology.

Product Details
Hardcover: 288 pages
Publisher: Routledge (June 2 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0415740304
ISBN-13: 978-0415740302

Boulou Ebanda de B’béri, Nina Reid-Maroney, Handel Kashope Wright (Editors)

Coming this summer University of Toronto Press 2014

With a prologue by Afua Cooper

Eschewing the often romanticized Underground Railroad narratives that portray Southern Ontario as the welcoming destination of Blacks fleeing from slavery, The Promised Land reveals the Chatham-Kent area as a crucial settlement site for an early Black presence in Canada. The contributors present the everyday lives and professional activities of individuals and families in these communities and highlight early cross-border activism to end slavery in the United States and to promote civil rights in the US and Canada. Essays also reflect on the frequent intermingling of local Black, White, and First Nations people. Using a cultural studies framework to their collective investigations, the authors trace physical and intellectual trajectories of blackness, which have radiated from Southern Ontario to other parts of Canada, the United States, the Caribbean and Africa. The result is a collection that represents the presence and diffusion of blackness and inventively challenges the grand narrative of History, especially Canadian history.

Le Verbe au cinéma

Posted by lamacs On January - 23 - 2014

Un essai, politique, sur l’oralité dans un corpus de films d’Afrique noire francophone de 1950 à 2000. Dans un langage clair, l’auteur illustre comment dans les sociétés de l’écriture, le texte engagerait l’Homme et que cette écriture aurait imposé un genre, un style et des modes de production de sens qui sont propres à ces sociétés de l’écriture d’où, par exemple, la naissance du langage cinématographique formalisé. Ainsi il se demande ce qui arriverait à une analyse de film calquée sur ce langage dont les articulations discursives ne sont pas nécessairement en adéquation avec la mysticité de la parole qui, elle, engagerait véritablement l’Homme en Afrique noire? Qu’arrive-t-il à l’analyse quand l’image d’une parole détourne le sens prescrit dans les modes opératoires du langage cinématographique des sociétés de l’écrit ? Comment le cinéma, à travers la technique audiovisuelle, devient-il une technologie par excellence capable de nous faire voir la nature mystique et culturelle de cette parole ?

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Boulou Ebanda de B’béri

Posted by lamacs On June - 15 - 2010

Dr. Boulou Ebanda de B’béri is the Founding Director of the Audiovisual Media Lab for the studies of Cultures and Societies (AMLAC&S), a Full Professor of Media, Communication, and Cultural Studies at the University of Ottawa’s Department of Communication, and a member of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and thereby authorized to supervise theses.

He has been a Visiting Scholar and Professor at the Universities of California (Santa Barbara),  of Northeastern  (Boston), of KwaZulu Natal (Durban) and Deakin (Melbourne). He is the winner of various prizes and scholarships, including the 2005 Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI) Innovation Funds, and the 2003 Van Horne Prize to list but a few.

Professor de B’béri is the author of numerous publications on African Cinema, Cultural Studies, and Media Studies, including Mapping Alternative Expressions of Blackness in Cinema (Bayreuth, Germany, 2006), his 2007 edited volume: Introduction to Media Studies (Oxford University Press) and his 2000 edited volume of the Journal of Film Studies, …critures dans les cinémas d’Afrique noire, CiNéMAS, Vol.11(1). His research deals with the impact of oral tradition in contemporary multicultural societies, historical modalities of knowledge transmission in intercultural milieu, and the articulations of practices of identity in various technologies of representation. He is working on another book tentatively entitled Beyond Discourse, the Experience of the Verb in Black African Cinema, which is an epistemological introduction of oral tradition in cinema.

Graduate seminars
Intercultural Communication Theories
Cinema and Cultural Identity
Diversité au Travail: Défis communicationels
Media, Identity and Diversity

Undergraduate courses
World Cinema
Canada and Quebec Cinemas (Documentary and Fiction)
Aesthetics and Language of Cinema
History of Cinema
Introduction to Media Studies
Theories of Communication
Communication interculturelle

Editorial/Executive boards and Review committees

Executive Board Member, Association for Cultural Studies. http://cultstud.org/

April 2009

Postdoctoral Scholarship Review Committee Member (Committee 3: Arts and humanities), Fonds québécois de recherche sur la société et la culture


Review Committee Member: Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences’ Aid to Scholarly Publications Program (ASPP), Film and Performance Studies Committee.

May 2008-2011

Founder and Co-Director (with Handel K. Wright and Keyan G.Tomaseli): African and Diasporic Cultural Studies Book Series, University of Ottawa Press

Jan. 2008-Present

Editorial and Advisory Board: Journal of African Cinema. Intellect Book. Sydney (AUS) & London (UK)

July 2007-Present

Editorial Advisory Board: Intermedias Review, eJournal of Media, Arts and Cultures, http://intermedias.wordpress.com/

July 2007

Associate Editor: Journal of International and Intercultural Communication, (A journal of the National Communication Association (NCA) Tom Nakayama, Ed., Routledge (Taylor & Francis Group)

March 2007-Present

Advisory Board: Scientific International Journal (SJI) http://www.scientificjournals.org/

Aug. 2006-Present

Research Associate: Centre de recherche sur l’intermédialité (CRI) University of Montréal. http://cri.histart.umontreal.ca/cri/


Affiliate Faculty: Centre for Culture, Identity and Education, University of British Colombia. http://www.ccie.educ.ubc.ca/


Paper in national and international peer-reviewed conferences

International Conference: Museality and Intermediality: New Museum Paradigms (Centre de recherché sur l’intermédialité) Paper: (with John Willis, Canadian Museum of Civilization) “(Re)Presenting the Histories of the Underground Railroad’s Experience: Interdisciplinarity between History, Museology and Communication.

October 2009

Emergent Cinemas and the New Cinematic Strategy and Forms, in 2009 Annual conference of the Film Studies Association of Canada. Paper: “Multicultural, Cultural, and Racial Representations in Indy Cinemas: A Glimpse into Three Australian, Canadian, and South African Film’s Discourse”

May 2009

Paper and Panel Chair: Media and Intercultural Communication (II), Canadian Communication Association 2008 Annual conference, University of British Columbia. Paper: “Publicités, séries et météo à la télé et quelques films québécois comme espaces d’analyse du statut socio-historique de l’in-représentativité de l’autre dans la conscience identitaire québécoise: Le cas de l’homme”; ou “La représentation raciale dans les medias de masse au Québec.”

June 2008

Panel Chair & Panel Organizer: Thinking Afropessimism in Cross-Roads Conference, Association for Cultural Studies (ACS), University of West Indies, Kingston, Jamaica. Paper: “Thinking and Unthinking Afropessism”

May 2008

Paper: “An Un-known Black Mecca in Canada: Examining the Freedom Experience of Early Black Community in Chatham and Chatham Township through the Eyes of Mary Ann Shadd Cary” With Gwen Robinson; in Routes to Freedom:  Reflections on the Bicentenary of the Abolition of the Slave Trade Symposium. Faculty of Law (Common Law Section) University of Ottawa.

March 2008

Paper: “The Promised Land Project: Exploring New Conjunctures for Historical Knowledge Mobilization” in Abolition of the British Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade: Telling the Story February. The College of the Bahamas (Nassau, The Bahamas).

February 2008

Politics of Cinema (Plenary Session) in Quebec Cinema: An International Conference (University of Glasgow, Scotland). Paper: ‘Nationalism and Culture: An Essay on the ‘Govern(mentality)’ of the Québec Cinema Institution’.

March 2007

15th Biennial Conference American Council for Québec Studies ACQS) – Cambridge (MA). Paper: “Idéologie et représentation dans quelques films québécois. La figure du nègre comme une étrangéité a priori”.

Oct. 2006

Crossroads Conference, Association for Cultural Studies (ACS) – Istanbul Bilgi University. Paper: “The Practices of Marronage in Some African Films: Peck, Sissako and Téno, the New Griots of New Times?”

July 2006

Francophonie et dialogue inerculturels, Conseil international des études francophones (CIEF) – Sinaïa, Romania. Paper: « De la Négritude dans le cinéma québécois. À tout prendre et Golden Gloves »

June 2006

Re:Activism Conference – Budapest University of Technology. Paper: “The New Practices of Memory: The Case of Indy Media and Indigenous People Council of Biocolonialism.”

Oct. 2005

Canadian Cultural Studies Association– University of Alberta. Paper: “Why ‘the’ Virtuality is not ‘the’ Intangible: Understanding the Process of Becoming A Crystal through Deleuzian Lenses or Actuality and Virtuality: An Intermedial Process of Crystallizing Everyday Life Practices of Identity” http://spaceandculture.org/2005_10_01_archive.php

Oct. 2005

International American Studies Association Congress – University of Ottawa. “Des Invasions barbares au Neg : la rencontre des cultures dans le cinéma québécois”

August 2005

ACFAS – Université du Québec à Chicoutimi. Paper: Nouvelles expressions d’identité dans le cinéma canadien

May 2005

Congress of Social Sciences and Humanities University of Western Ontario. (Canadian Film Studies Association). Paper: “‘Indie’ Cinema in Canada: Exploring New Practices of Identity in the Margins of Institutionalized Citizenship.”

June 2005

Lancaster University (UK) Cinema and Technology Conference http://www.lancs.ac.uk/fss/cultres/events/cinematech/cinematech.php. Paper: “Looking for my Pygmalion: Exploring Black Diasporas Expressions’ of Identity through ‘Indie Video’”.

April 2005

Cultural Studies Conference (US), Northeastern University, Boston, MA Chair, Introduction and Final Review: Vision(ality) from Memory to the Expression of Identity.

May 2004

Congress of Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Winnipeg (Canadian Communication Association, CCA). Paper: From Media to Medium: Articulating the relationship between technology and education through black cinema(s).

June 2004

Congress of Social Sciences and Humanities, Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia (Canadian Communication Association, CCA). Paper: “Africanicity in Black Cinemas: A Conjunctural Ground for New Expressions of Identity.”

June 2003

Books Authored

de B’béri Boulou Ebanda, Mapping Alternative Expressions of Blackness in Cinema, Bayreuth (Germany): African Studies Series 80, 2006 (250p)

de B’béri Boulou Ebanda, Au-delà discours l’expérience du “Verbe” dans les cinémas d’Afrique noire. Québec: Laval University Press (Series Ethics and Communication) (Accepted, under proofreading) (350p)


de B’béri Boulou Ebanda (Ed.) Les Cultural Studies dans les mondes francophones: Précisions, Imprécisions, Conceptualisation. University of Ottawa Press, 2010

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de B’béri Boulou Ebanda and Bruno Cornelier, Le cinéma québécois face à ses institutions. Nouvelles Vues sur le Cinéma Québécois, Vol 1. no. 3, Montréal : http://cinema-quebecois.net/edition3/introduction_bc.htm (Online issue), 2005.


de B’béri Boulou Ebanda “Introduction aux Cultural Studies: Précisions, Imprécisions, Conceptualisation”, in les Cultural Studies dans les mondes francophones: Précisions, Imprécisions, Conceptualisation (B. E. de B’béri, Ed.) University of Ottawa Press. 2010 (IN PRESS)

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de B’béri Boulou Ebanda and Peter Hoggart, “White America’s Construction of Black Bodies: The Case of Ron Artest as a Model of Covert Racial Ideology in the NBA’s Discourse” in JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL AND INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION, London/New York: Routledge, Vol.2 (2), 2009 (pp. 89-106)

de B’béri Boulou Ebanda and Ruth Middlebrook, “The Paradox of National Identity: Region, Nation, and Canadian Idol” in Special Issue in Reality/Television, (J. Bruce, Guest Editor) CANADIAN JOURNAL OF COMMUNICATION, VOL. 34 (1), 2009 (pp.25-40)

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