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Dr. Mebometa Ndongo, Ph.D.

Posted by lamacs On July - 26 - 2017

Dr. Mebometa Ndongo is an Adjunct Research Professor at Carleton University – Institute of African Studies (Ottawa) since July 2010, Professor (APTPUO) and Visiting Researcher in the Department of Geography, University of Ottawa since 2015, and a consultant in international development. Dr. Ndongo Mebometa is Academic Chair in the Permanent Secretariat of the International Conference on Sustainable Urbanization in Canada, China and African countries within the triangular cooperation framework (iccasu.org). He has published in scholarly journals with peer review, while being evaluator in several others. Expanded to PPGIS – Public Participatory Geographic Information Systems, his areas of expertise include Urban development, Global dynamics, Institutional building, Structural environment, Operational learning, Global/Local governance, Social innovation, Sustainability, Development evaluation, and Programed governability. A specialist in urban studies, Urbanology, Dr. Mebometa Ndongo has studied in depth how the interior aspects of a country and exterior to its territory can contribute to the urban development of Africa. Dr. Ndongo holds B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Urban Planning from l’Université de Montréal and a Ph.D. in Urban Studies from l’Université du Québec à Montréal. Entitled: L’intervention de la Banque Mondiale et la reconfiguration institutionnelle au niveau local: analyse de huit projets de développement urbain au Sénégal (1972-2006) [The World Bank intervention and the local institutional reconfiguration: analysis of eight urban development projects in Senegal (1972-2006)], his thesis obtained the mention: Excellent.

Born in Mboma, a remote village situated in Eastern Cameroon, Mebometa Ndongo has always been fascinated by the city, which he has been studying since 1985. For him, it constitutes a potential and an opportunity for development, as well as a constraint and a menace to development. An Urban Technician, graduate of the National Advanced School of Public Works at Yaoundé, he was a public servant in the Cameroon government administration. In Cameroon, his native country, he participated in the elaboration of urban planning documents and in the production of an urban database, thereby contributing to the enhancement of the French and Belgium cooperation in Cameroon. Over the last 25 years in Cameroon and Canada, Mebometa Ndongo has studied, served in the public service, undertaken research, consulted and taught subjects relating to globalization, to cities, to urbanization and urban development, especially of and for Africa. He has great experience in international development, having offered at SETYM International and at l’École nationale d’administration publique (Québec-Canada) and Oxfam seminars to African and Caribbean senior administrators and to different international actors, with a focus on governance, decentralisation and reduction of poverty, through a constructive criticism of the United Nations’ Millennium Development Objectives framework. He is an active advocate of triangular cooperation, North-South-Diasporas as well as a critical analyst of African geopolitical issues such as Anglophone and Francophone development cooperation, and inclusive Globalization.

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