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Estamira, Gabriel, and Moacir

Posted by lamacs On February - 27 - 2012

Unreasoned memories of the Black African legacy in contemporary Brazilian cinema

Hudson Moura
Hudson Moura is instructor at Ryerson University (Canada). He has created several Experimental and documentary works in digital video.

Speech as a discourse of the subject “in action” is seen in relation to social context, marked by tensions. These tensions are present in three black voices that retell Brazilian history from a particular perspective. Through mythical discourses, prophecies, fantastic imagery, and artistic endeavours, these voices express their inner worlds in an attempt to reregister their own history and their vision of the world. These three distinct voices, in a “subversive” and marginal way, reinstate the African Black legacy within Brazil’s history, a legacy of which they are very conscious and always reminding their “audiences.” This presentation will analyze the presence and legitimacy of African Black diaspora discourse in recent Brazilian cinema.

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