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For the Love of the Subject

Posted by lamacs On February - 27 - 2012

Opening keynote

V.Y. Mudimbe
V.Y. Mudimbe is Emeritus Professor of Literature in Trinity College of Arts and Sciences, Duke University (USA). He has been the Chairman of the Board of African Philosophy. Since 2000, he has had been the
Chairman of the International African Institute, SOAS, University of London.

A film is a narrative. It gives a function and a value to representations of identities
it depicts. These are structured accordingly. They can be interrogated in the name of the subject’s individuality. The intervention makes a distinction between marked and unmarked types of films. Sanctioned institutionally, this difference is often determined by legal criteria and, in principle, social acceptability. The intervention will decode symbolic functions in the narrative of the film. By detailing the usages of the nominative (subject), dative (indirect object), and accusative (direct object), it will suggest ways the film qualifies identities as topics in a cultural memory and modulates conflicting ethical interpretations.

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