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International Symposium on Multiculturalism

Posted by lamacs On September - 9 - 2011

Reframing multiculturalism for the 21st century’s realities

Monday 21 November – Tuesday 22 November 2011
University of Ottawa, Canada

Citizens of multicultural nations often struggle to realize and establish an identity that bridges both their complex past with the uniqueness of their multiple cultural connections as well as their (trans)national belongings. Indeed, in many cases, multiculturalism, as a political structure based on institutionalizing social justice and social equality in many nations is being challenged, not merely because such politics for equality and social justice have failed to establish their main objectives, but because the ideal of such politics must not disregard the human capacity to resist, negotiate or embrace.

The Audiovisual Media Lab for the study of Cultures and Societies (University of Ottawa), and the Centre for Citizenship and Globalization (Deakin University, Australia) organize an International Symposium on the topic of Multiculturalism at the University of Ottawa on November 21st and 22nd 2011.

This forthcoming International workshop on Multiculturalism is a follow up on the symposium that took place on November 2010 at Deakin University (Australia). The focus of this edition is to outline the “challenges” for and “reframing” of multiculturalisms for the 21st Century’s realities and global knowledge-economy, with confirmed participants and speakers from Canada, Columbia, Uruguay, Australia, New Zealand, France, the Netherlands, Croatia, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

For any questions, please contact the lab: lamacs@uottawa.ca

T: 613-562-5800 x 2985

The workshop will take place at Simard Hall (room 129).
No registration fees for community organizations.
Otherwise, registration is $80/person which includes two means and coffee.
Place are limited, especially for the lunch breaks and cocktail, so please register by sending an email lamacs@uottawa.ca)


  • Co-Chair, Fethi Mansouri

  • Jean-Daniel Lafond
    The Spirit of Multiculturalism

  • Felipe Arocena
    Cultural rights: and the construction of multicultural democracies

  • Patrick Imbert
    Encounters and change, Control and accommodation

  • Willem Lodewikus van der Merwe
    Multiculturalism: A critical appraisal

  • Shahram Akbarzadeh & Mario Peucker
    Assimilation vs. Multiculturalism: Managing Islam in Australia and Europe

  • Gary Craig & Hannah Lewis
    The extreme edge of multiculturalism: Exploitation and forced labour

  • Zayda Sierra
    Creative education from a cultural diversity perspective: Facing homogenous and colonialist school systems

  • Kevin Dunn
    Comparing transnational identity, affiliations and citizenship in Australia and Canada

  • Carmen Rico de Sotelo
    International and intercultural communication in Québec: Contours and interests

  • Sirma Bilge
    Delegitimizing multiculturalism through gender

  • Boulou Ebanda de B’béri
    Intercultural/Multicultural Representation of Race in Québec/Canada TV Commercials

  • Vince Marotta
    The intercultural, the multicultural and the transcultural:
    Different modes of being with otherness

  • Afef Benessaieh
    Transcultural Politics

  • Salah Basalamah
    Multiculturalism reframed by social translation

  • Elizabeth Rata
    The Multicultural-Liberal Dilemma: Comparing the intentions and outcomes of biculturalism in New Zealand

  • Michele Grossman
    The limits of community: Multicultural policing and the policing of ‘cultures’ in the twenty-first century

  • Alexander Naraniecki
    George Smolicz and ‘stable’ multicultural governance in Australia

  • Dowoti Désir
    Multiculturalism in France: A failure… for whom?

  • Romain Garbaye
    A global crisis of multiculturalism? A British-French comparison

  • Paul Morris
    The future of multiculturalism? The political discourse of failure and the measures of success

  • Leslie Robinson, Ph.D Candidate
    Final Synthesis


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