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In the film Histoire de Sable (2004) by Hyacinthe Combari

Karine Bertrand
Karine Bertrand is a PhD studentin Cinematographic Studies at the University of Montreal (Canada). Her research interests are on the native Canadian cinemas. She has also created several shorts documentaries during the World Social Forum in Dakar in 2011.

Through a thematic and esthetical analysis of the short film documentary Histoire de Sable (2004) by Hyacinthe Combari, this presentation will explain how the memory of a group can be saved by individuals; here a man from Burkina Faso who left his born country to live in the West. Then, how the speech is used as one of the essential way to narrate the story, through the progressive deployment of an intercultural dialog, which outlines a common memory. Finally, on a formal and technical question, how the editing creates a space — time which contributes to abolish the boundaries between these two country people?

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