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“Reel” Rwandan Memories

Posted by lamacs On February - 27 - 2012

Emerging filmmaking in Rwanda

Madelaine Hron
Madelaine Hron is Associate Professor at Wilfrid Laurier University (Canada). Her current work examines human rights issues in popular culture, especially in literary and cinematic representations of post-genocide Rwanda.

The presentation investigates the role of memory and praxes of memorialization, reconciliation and cultural production in indigenous Rwandan films: the documentaries produced by Eric Kabera. It will then focus on the narrative film Munyarangabo (2007) and the meta-documentary Iseta: Behind the Roadblock (2009): how these Rwandan films address issues of memory, otherness, violence and reconciliation, in complex, nuanced and transformative ways that decry simplification, facile resolution or cultural relativism? In conclusion with Kabera’s most recent co-production, it focuses on topics other than genocide: how to read this latest development in Rwandan filmmaking?

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