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Remediation? Reparation—reconciliation (and intermediality)

Posted by lamacs On February - 27 - 2012

The genocide in Rwanda in the francophone documentary

Marion Froger & Lucie Szechter
Marion Froger is Assistant Professor at the Department of History of Art and Cinematographic Studies at the University of Montreal (Canada). Lucie Szechter is a PhD student in Cinematographic Studies at
the University of Montreal (Canada).

This presentation will explain how films contribute to a reconstruction of a community, contingent on their enonciative site and their recipients. The “profile” of the documentary filmmakers
is a key element of the system, as well as the remediation of the speech; the visit of the places
of sad memories; the new space of living-together; and finally the relationship between each images made with those missing, those of the massacre.

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