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Mapping alternative expressions of blackness in cinema

Posted by lamacs On April - 29 - 2010

Boulou Ebanda de B’béri
2006, Bayreuth

A horizontal labyrinth of transgeographical practices of identity

“This book is an excellent examination of the role of cinema as a conduit of black expressions of identity. It illustrates that since its inception, films have played an important part in generating, on the one hand, imaginary significations about black people, and, on the other hand, imaginative signifying practices harmonized with black expressions of identity. Indeed, Dr. Boulou Ebanda de B’béri’s Mapping Alternative Expressions Of Blackness in Cinema takes the reader into an uncommon horizontal labyrinth, with one of the most important questions of present and past centuries: the fabrications and representations of identity. His book truly unpacks the categories of racial, cultural and political identity in order to discern the reenacted practices of blackness linking the socio-historical experience of black peoples to their trans-geographical expressions of Africanicity in film. He concludes that specific paradigms of communication, such as ‘affecitivity’ and ‘resilience’, determine the ways in which some blacks articulate their practices of identity through the medium of cinema.

Examination of these paradigms as discursive practices of ‘détournement’ or ‘marronage’ allows us to understand the more complex effects of Africanicity or blackness as a necessary signifying practice of cultural and historical experiences of black people.”

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