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Department of Linguistics

University of Ottawa




Ph.D Linguistics, University of Ottawa, 2011-2016

Thesis: “A Comparative Variationist approach to morphosyntactic variation in contemporary Hexagonal and Quebec French.” (Thesis defended September 16th, 2016. Verdict : Level 1, no revisions)

M.A. Linguistique, Université du Québec à Montréal (UQÀM), 2008-2010

Mémoire: “L’évolution du marqueur discursif ‘like’ en anglais québécois.”

B.A. French Language and Literature, Wilfrid Laurier University, 2003-2007



Variationist sociolinguistics, language change, morphosyntactic and phonetic variation, language contact, bilingualism, French, English.



Kastronic, Laura & Shana Poplack. 2014. The (North) American English subjunctive in the 21st century: revival or remnant? U. Penn Working Papers in Linguistics (Selected papers from NWAV42). Volume 20.2.

Kastronic, Laura. 2011. Discourse ‘Like’ in Quebec English. U. Penn Working Papers in Linguistics. (Selected papers from NWAV39). Volume 17.2.

In press:

Levey, Stephen, Fox, Sue & Laura Kastronic. 2017. A big-city perspective on COME/CAME variation: Evidence from London, U.K. English World-Wide.

In preparation:

Kastronic, Laura. A diachronic and stylistic approach to French liaison in Quebec French

Kastronic, Laura. When variables interest: the story of the expression of the subjunctive mood and necessity in contemporary Hexagonal and Quebec French.

Poplack, Shana & Laura Kastronic. A diachronic analysis of the subjunctive mood in English



Kastronic, Laura. 2016. Going back to the source: A comparative analysis of the expression of necessity in Hexagonal and Quebec French. CVC9, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON, CDA.

Kastronic, Laura. 2015 (Keynote address). Assessing the interplay of the expression of the subjunctive mood, necessity, and indefiniteness in Quebec and Hexagonal French. OCLU-M, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON, CDA.

Kastronic, Laura. 2015. When variables intersect: The interplay of the expression of the subjunctive mood and necessity in two varieties of French. NWAV 44, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, CDA.

Kastronic, Laura. 2015. A comparative variationist analysis of subjunctive use in Hexagonal French and Quebec French. CLA 2015 (Canadian Linguistic Association). University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON, CDA.

Poplack, Shana & Laura Kastronic. 2014. Be that as it may: The unremarkable trajectory of the (North) American English subjunctive. The International Study for the Linguistics of English (ISLE) 3, University of Zurich, CH.

Levey, Stephen, Fox, Sue & Laura Kastronic. 2014. Ethnic correlates of morphosyntactic variation: Come/came variation in London, U.K. Methods in Dialectology XV, University of Groningen, NL.

Kastronic, Laura. 2014. A Variationist approach to liaison in Gatineau French. LSA 2014 Annual Meeting. Minneapolis, MN, USA.

Kastronic, Laura & Shana Poplack. 2013. The (North) American English Subjunctive: Revival or Remnant? NWAV42. Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

Kastronic, Laura. 2012. Liaison in Gatineau French: A stylistic and diachronic perspective. NWAV41. Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, USA.

Kastronic, Laura. 2012. The WERE subjunctive in contemporary Canadian English. CVC VI. Université du Québec à Montréal, Montréal, QC, CDA.

Friesner, Michael & Laura Kastronic. 2012. Assessing ongoing change in Québec City English. ADS 2012. Portland, OR, USA.

Friesner, Michael & Laura Kastronic. 2012. Quebec English Vowels in Apparent Time. Canadian English: Linguistic Variation in Space and Time. York University, Toronto, ON, CDA.

Friesner, Michael & Laura Kastronic. 2011. Age effects on short-a patterning in Quebec English. NWAV 40 (poster). Georgetown University, Washington, D.C, USA.

Kastronic, Laura. 2010. The Evolution of Discourse ‘Like’ in Quebec English. NWAV 39. University of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio, TX, USA.



Course instructor

(fully responsible for planning, teaching, and in some cases, grading)

Undergraduate courses

LIN2304: Writing Systems, University of Ottawa (fall, 2016)

LIN1300: What is Language? University of Ottawa (fall, 2016).

LIN2310: Introduction to Syntactic Theory, University of Ottawa (winter, 2016)

LIN1340: Language in Society, University of Ottawa (winter, 2016)

LIN3342: Sociolinguistics, University of Ottawa (fall, 2015).

LIN2360: Bilingualism, University of Ottawa (fall, 2015).

LIN1310: Introduction to Linguistics: Words and Utterances, University of Ottawa (winter, 2014).


Enrichment mini-courses program (EMCP): Unraveling the mystery of variation in speech. Introduction to Sociolinguistics, University of Ottawa (2014).

Responsibilities included: Teaching a group of students (grade 8- 11) about variationist sociolinguistics, including data collection, extraction, and analysis. This program lasted for one week, full-time.

ESL Instructor, Cégep Bois-de-Boulogne, Montréal (2007-2008).

Responsibilities included: Designing and carrying out ESL activities for small groups of Francophone learners of L2 English, as well as providing one-on-one support to those who required additional assistance.

Teaching assistant

(responsible for grading, office hours, various administrative tasks)

LIN2358: Communication Disorders, University of Ottawa (winter, 2015)

LIN1710: Introduction à la linguistique : Des mots aux énoncés, University of Ottawa (fall, 2014)

LIN3342: Sociolinguistics, University of Ottawa (fall, 2011)

LIN3350: Psycholinguistics, University of Ottawa (winter, 2011)

LIN2358: Communication Disorders, University of Ottawa (winter, 2011)

LIN1601: Introduction à l’analyse linguistique, UQÀM (fall, 2009)



Morphosyntactic variation in Canadian French

(for Prof. Shana Poplack, University of Ottawa: Sept. 2014-present)

Description: Analyzing auxiliary (avoir and être) alternation in French spoken in Canada.

Responsibilities include: Extracting and coding, analyzing quantitative results.

Diachronic morphosyntactic variation in North American English

(for Prof. Shana Poplack, University of Ottawa: Jan. 2012-Aug. 2014)

Description: Tracing the English subjunctive across time under both mandative and adverbial triggers.

Responsibilities included: Concordancing historical data, extracting and coding, analyzing quantitative results.


(for Prof. Stephen Levey, University of Ottawa: 2011-2012)

Description: Data collection (sociolinguistic interviews).

Responsibilities included: Collecting naturalistic speech samples from children aged 7-12 at various schools in the Ottawa region.

Morphosyntactic variation in British English

(for Prof. Stephen Levey, University of Ottawa: June 2011-Dec. 2011)

Description: Main focus on come/came variation in London.

Responsibilities included: Extracting and coding, analyzing quantitative data.

Phonology of Quebec English

(for Prof. Michael Friesner, UQÀM, and Prof. Shana Poplack, University of Ottawa: Sept. 2010-Aug. 2011)

Description: Analysis of short-a, /aw/ and /ay/ raising, and marry-merry-Mary merger in Quebec English.

Responsibilities included: Reviewing background literature, measuring vowel formants in Praat, charting results, analyzing quantitative data, presenting results at academic venues.



Referee: Language Variation and Change; Canadian Journal of Applied Linguistics, 2014-present.

President: Linguistics Graduate Student Association (ADLINGA), University of Ottawa, 2011-2013.

Conference Volunteer: Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages, University of Ottawa, 2011; Canadian Variation and Change 6, Université du Québec à Montréal, 2012; Linguistic Society of America Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, MN, 2012; Canadian Variation and Change 9, University of Ottawa, 2016; Discourse-Pragmatic Variation and Change 3, University of Ottawa, 2016.

Invited Speakers Committee member: Linguistics Department, University of Ottawa, 2011-2012.



Graduate research grants

Ontario Graduate Scholarship, $15,000 (2014-2015)

SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship, $40,000 (2012-2014)

Travel grants

APTPUO Travel Grant, University of Ottawa, $1200 (2015)

ISLE Travel Bursary, University of Zurich, $850 (2014)

FGPS Travel Grant, University of Ottawa, $425 (2014)

CUPE travel grant, University of Ottawa, $250 (2013)

FGPS Travel grant, University of Ottawa, $300 (2012)

Internal scholarships/awards

Excellence Scholarship, University of Ottawa, $22,600 (2012-2015)

Entrance Scholarship, University of Ottawa, $12,000 (2011-2012)

Bourse d’exemption des droits de scolarité, UQÀM, $3,750 (2008-2010)

In-Course scholarship, Wilfrid Laurier University, $1,250 (2005-2006)

Excellence Scholarship, Wilfrid Laurier University, $3,000 (2004-2005)

External scholarships/awards

André Lapierre Scholarship, $1,500 (2012-2013)

James F. Boughner Scholarship, $20,000 (2003-2007)



Experience using Microsoft Office, Goldvarb, Concordance Pro, Praat, Audacity, SPSS.

Bilingual (English/French)