Personal Information

Since August 2007 I have been living in Ottawa, Canada working in the Linguistics Department at the University of Ottawa.

  • Via my academic career I have lived in Montreal, Edmonton, Groningen (the Netherlands) Eugene (Oregon)and Vancouver.
  • My Previous position was as a Research Associate at the Brain Development Lab in the Psychology Department at the University of Oregon.


My Interests

Travel (photo albums coming soon)

For some sample photos see the photos page of my website.

-Summer 2008: Thailand, Laos and Vietnam

-Summer 2007: Germany and the Netherlands

-Summer 2006: Oregon coast, Crater  Lake, Columbia River Gorge

-Summer 2005: Vancouver to Edmonton on the train

-May 2004: Australia (Sydney, Port Douglas and the Great Barrier Reef, Blue Mountains, Uluru, Cycling trip from Alice Springs to Darwin, Hunter Valley wine region

Sports (to play)

-Rock climbing: while in Thailand and Laos this past summer I did some amazing rock climbing.

-Soccer: My favourite team sport to play.

-Ultimate Frisbee: The new sport that I tried while living in Vancouver.


Sports (to watch)

-Hockey: The Montreal Canadiens are the greatest team in the world.

-Soccer: After living for 4 years in the Netherlands can’t help but be a fan of the Dutch National team (Oranje).