Here’s what our alumni have to say about our program:

“The World Literatures and Cultures (WLC) program was a wonderful experience. I made great friends and connected with others from different cultures, while together we engaged in the course material and developed our intercultural competence skills together. The one thing I appreciated the most in the program was the small class sizes and the emphasis on discussions in our courses. Every class, I looked forward to hearing the opinions and interpretations of my classmates, as well as those of the professors. Unlike my undergraduate experience, I felt like the WLC program provided the encouragement to challenge our assumptions and share our thoughts in an open and encouraging environment. Secondly, I also appreciated the freedom given to us to pursue our own research and academic interests in the program. For instance, I combined literary research with interviews I conducted, which was all overseen by my supervisor in a social sciences department. I highly valued the flexibility the program provided. Finally, I can say with confidence that the skills and knowledge I developed in the WLC program helped me to land a wonderful job working in the settlement and immigrant services sector in Ottawa.” – Zac Tabler


“I was fortunate to attend a multidisciplinary program like the Master of Arts in World Literatures and Cultures at the University of Ottawa over the course of a year. All the courses were different but shared many common themes such as literatures, cultures, migration and immigration, linguistics and languages. The subject material was always relevant to what was happening in the world and the class discussions were a great way to share different perspectives and theories. The program length (one year only) was perfect because I was able to learn so much in a short amount of time and quickly insert myself into the workforce. The cohort was great as well, we were all friends and enjoyed coming to class each week to discuss new themes together. I appreciated the fact that there were two classes that focused on research and writing at the masters level which helped towards producing my major research project (MRP). The skills that I learned in this program have carried through into my second masters degree and into my career as well. I am thankful to have had this enjoyable academic experience that has taught me so much. The class sizes were small and intimate and the professors were passionate about their subject material. In conclusion, I would recommend this program to those who wish to pursue further education in humanities across a wide range of disciplines.” – Katarina G.


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