Loutchka Télémaque Doctorat en Lettres françaises, University of Ottawa
Nanditha Narayanamoorthy PhD Humanities, York University
Priscilla Bijou Réviseure (post-édition) chez Costco
Aida Stratas Faculty of Arts Communications and Marketing officer (2015-2016); currently PhD in Philosophy, Human Kinetics, U of Ottawa
Tahmina Reza Author
Lynn Lessard Placement Officer, Centre for Global and Community Engagement, U of Ottawa
Jacinthe Moisan Enseignante de littérature au Cégep de l’Outaouais
Marie-Catherine Allard PhD in Cultural Mediations, Carleton University
Line Bissonnette Gestionnaire, Relations internationales et communautaires, U of Ottawa
Nicolas Bilodeau Development & Marketing Director at a restaurant in Montreal
Kyle  Gamble PhD in Comparative Literature, U of Toronto
Téa Rokolj Arts Librarian (Bibliothécaire spécialisée pour les arts )
Jason Dunkerley Policy analyst at the Federal Government
Fatiha Zimmou Enseignante de français
Lale Eskicioglu PhD in Cultural Mediations, Carleton University
Violène Dauvois PhD en espagnol, Université d’Ottawa
Bradley Sykes Program Officer, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC)

Previously Editor / Writer, Public Affairs and Portfolio Management Sector

Natural Resources Canada / Government of Canada

William Leonard Felepchuk PhD in Aboriginal Studies, U of Ottawa

Photos de la collation des grades 2016 / Photos from the 2016 Fall convocation