About the Chair

As part of theĀ Destination 2020 strategic plan, the University of Ottawa’s Chairs in University Teaching underscore the University’s commitment to instructional excellence by:

  • Promoting innovative teaching and learning practices that will benefit the wider University community;
  • Recognizing the value of educational leadership and excellence in University Teaching; and
  • Supporting professors committed to the scholarly investigation of teaching and learning, translating to University wide transformation of instructional practices.

In 2013, Jenepher Lennox Terrion was selected as Chairholder of the University of Ottawa Chair in University Teaching. Her project is described here:

Given the place of large classes in today’s universities, understanding how they can be best delivered is significant. The development of positive relationships between instructor and students through the professor’s verbal and nonverbal communication, or teacher immediacy, is important to learning. Therefore, this study will assess the degree to which highly rated professors of large classes demonstrate teacher immediacy and catalogue how they do it. The study will produce guidelines for teaching large classes focused specifically on building teacher immediacy and, ultimately, positive classroom relationships.