Research and Teaching

Research Interests

I am interested in the experiences of vulnerable populations and much of my work connects research with community organizations serving those in need. My research focuses on evaluating the impacts of a range of programs, including student support services, addiction recovery programs, family support programs, mentoring programs, training programs and leadership development programs. I am particularly interested in the role of interpersonal relations, friendships and social capital in addiction recovery, and am generally interested in interpersonal and organizational communication.

Ongoing research

My current research involves a partnership with the Dave Smith Youth Treatment Centre, where I am collaborating on a study of representations of friendship and the formation and maintenance of friendships of adolescents in treatment for drug and alcohol problems.


I teach interpersonal and organizational communication courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. I try to improve the experience of my own students through innovative, creative and interactive teaching. I have also participated in numerous departmental, faculty and university-wide initiatives to promote student engagement and enhance the experience of students throughout the university.



- CMN1148A

- CMN2148A

- CMN5135


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