Welcome to the ethics’s page for the Department of Linguistics at the University of Ottawa! This will help you through the ethics approval process and sample forms, which will make the process of obtaining ethics approval easier.

Before you begin, first decide which type of ethics application you will need to submit:

1. Full ethics applications

2. Simplified ethics applications for language consulting research (speaker is asked to produced words, sentences or texts or give grammaticality judgments).

3. Course ethics applications

What is the Ethics Committee of the Department of Linguistics?

All applications prepared by members of the Department of Linguistics should be submitted to us at least one week before the deadline. Our goal is not to slow down the process, but to speed it up.  We have read quite a few applications in the past few years, so we know what is likely to be touchy and can give you informal and friendly feedback.

Please send your application to your committee member(s):

Tania Zamuner             tzamuner at uottawa.ca

Additional information can be found at the University of Ottawa’s Research Ethics Board!

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