Application Tips

Based on feedback from past ethics applications in the past, here are some things to remember to include when you submit application forms and consent forms for approval!

Application form

  • be sure to write your application in plain language, that can be understood by readers outside of linguistics
  • contact information and signatures from all investigators
  • recruitment procedures, including a procedure for when participants are unwilling to participate
  • location and duration of conservation of data, and safeguards that will be taken to protect it

Consent form

  • include all funding information including grant numbers
  • location and duration of conservation of data
  • specifics of compensation and if it will still be given if participant withdraws from study
  • how the data will be used (e.g., doctoral dissertation, publications, etc.)
  • versions of the consent form in all languages research is to take place in
  • must include all benefits and risks of participation
  • must be submitted on official letterhead