Short ethics applications

The department now has a simplified approval procedure for language consulting research and will soon have a simplified procedure for other methodologies used in the department.  Language consulting consists of any research aimed at linguistic description or grammatical analysis in which a speaker is asked to produce words, sentences or texts in their native language or give grammaticality judgments.  This research can be recorded or filmed.

Two main criteria must be met to be eligible for the simplified procedure:

  • No research with minors
  • Research must be conducted in Canada


1) Fill in the Template for language consulting application form (or another form for other methodologies coming soon).  Detailed instructions are given in the form.  If a project does not meet the conditions or criteria defined in the annotated forms, it must be submitted using the regular procedure.

2) Adapt the consent form to your project.

3) Submit:   a) the application form, b) the consent form, c) the internal Evaluation Grid (fill-in “Information on the project” only) and d) your scripts, wordlists or sentence lists (if applicable) to a committee member (list below).  There is no fixed deadline.

Please note that applications by students also require a signed letter from the supervisor that states that they have read the application and that the methodology is sound.

4) We will return the internally pre-approved form to you and you will be able to submit it to the Office of Research Ethics and Integrity.  They have agreed to complete the approval procedure within a week or two.


If you have any questions or if there is anything you are unsure of, please contact us.


The committee:

Tania Zamuner (tzamuner at

Andrés Salanova (kaitire at