Entre Amigos – Spanish Club

Official site : www.uoentreamigos.com


  • Entre Amigos is the Hispanic Association of the University of Ottawa. It is composed of students and members of the community who share the vision of sharing the Hispanic culture with those who wish to learn more about it. Our team is composed of four executive members and a group of activity directors, who plan, organize and carry out activities. We divide our activities into three categories: academic, services and community initiatives.
  • Academic
    Entre Amigos places a strong emphasis on academic resources to advance your language skills. That is why we offer Spanish discussion groups in three different levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. All of our discussion groups follow the objectives and syllabus of the Spanish Department of the University of Ottawa to ensure that you are progressing with every session you attend.
  • Cultural
    Hispanic culture is extremely rich and there is so much to share! Entre Amigos dedicates itself to sharing our culture through various events such as poetry nights, dance shows, art/photography exhibitions, music concerts, jam session and more!
  • Volunteer
    Entre Amigos works towards improving the community as well. We hold fundraisers and organize fun events that the whole community can enjoy.

For more information about Cultural activities and other social events, visit :