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The Graph Poem

June 8th, 2018

Brief Outline and History


The GRAPH POEM is an ongoing communal MARGENTO poetry project that involves poets and writers from various parts of the world collaborating by the principles of mathematical graph theory and in the spirit of jam sessions.

The concept was proposed for the first time by Chris Tanasescu in a poetics statement published on Jerome Rothenberg’s Poems and Poetics HERE.

A first book of the graph poem–Nomadosofia / Nomadosophy by MARGENTO–came out from Max Blecher Press in 2012.

In 2013, a performance of the graph poem “MARGENTO–A Graph*ormance” was presented together with the multimedia performance poetry band MARGENTO at E-Poetry, London.  Watch a snippet here.  That piece is a delocalized, recoded, remediated & remixed version of this performance.

Starting in October 2013, Chris Tanasescu (MARGENTO) has worked on a computerized version of the graph poem together with Professor Diana Inkpen, Andrés Lou, and Sean Billings from the Computer Science Department of the University of Ottawa.

Sections of the ongoing graph poem as well as articles and essays of graph poetics are available on this blog and elsewhere online or in literary/academic publications.

In June 2014 Chris Tanasescu (MARGENTO) won a 2-year Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) grant to develop his research project Poetry Computational Graphs with Professor Diana Inkpen (Computer Science) as his co-applicant–along with Research Assistant Andrés Lou and UROP scholarship recipients Bryan Paget and Blair Robert Drummond–and Professor Seymour Mayne (Dept. of English) as his collaborator.   Tanasescu has thus become an Adjunct Professor in the Computer Science Department @ uOttawa.  As of September 24th 2014 there shall be periodical updates on this page regarding the project.  (Please send on any commentary or query to margento.official [at] gmail.com).

Vaibhav Kesarwani joined our team in January 2016.  Vaibhav is a Master’s student in Computer Science and he will write his thesis on The Graph Poem Project.  He has taken over from Bryan and will develop a rhyme classifier for starters.  Bryan also continues as member of our team focusing on meter and all computational matters related.

A computationally assembled poetry anthology--”US” Poets Foreign Poets–drawing on the #GraphPoem algorithms and tools came out from FrACTalia in June 2018, graced with blurbs from Christopher Funkhouser and Antonio Patraș. See a preview here,  http://bit.ly/2sT3NUf.


1. The Graph Poem Operational Reflections. I. Driskell & Wolach

2. Lou/Inkpen/MARGENTO Poetry Computational Analysis Paper Accepted to FLAIRS Conference

3. MARGENTO & Inkpen Paper @ New Directions in the Humanities Conference 2015

4. MARGENTO/Paget/Inkpen Paper Accepted to FLAIRS-29

5. MARGENTO–The Graph Poem. A Manifesto

6. “Metaphor Detection in a Poetry Corpus” (Kesarwani/Inkpen/Szpakowicz/MARGENTO) to Be Presented at ACL2017 (http://bit.ly/2hDcUpF)

7. “Access(ed) Poetry. The Graph Poem Project and the Place of Poetry in Digital Humanities” (MARGENTO/Inkpen/Kesarwani/Paget) to Be Presented at DH2017 (http://bit.ly/2hCj6hD)

8. “Metaphor Detection by Deep Learning and the Place of Poetic Metaphor in Digital Humanities” (MARGENTO/Kesarwani/Inkpen) Presented at FLAIRS-31 (http://bit.ly/2Jq6KGQ)

9. #GraphPoem Workshop @ DHSI 2018 (http://bit.ly/2kY9P2f)

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