The Serata Abruzzese Fundraising Dinner

On 17 November 2017, for Stem Cell Research at The Ottawa Hospital was a rousing success.Thank you for the wonderful outpouring of support from the Italian community of Ottawa and to the Ottawa community at large.I am privileged to announce that given your generosity, theMediterranean Research Group at the University of Ottawa will donate the sum of $3275.00 towards Stem Cell Research The Ottawa Hospital.A truly magnificent gesture which would have been impossible without the moral support and physical work of many people, most of which donot wish to be named. Nevertheless, I wish to thank Meghan Mack,Development Officer, Community Engagement at The Ottawa Hospital;Dr. Lothar Heubsch and the Bone Marrow Transplant Team at TheOttawa Hospital; Comites Ottawa; Laurysen Kitchens; CentroAbruzzese Canadese Inc.; Associazione Pratola Peligna di Ottawa;Associazione Molisani di Ottawa; Associazione Rapinese di Ottawa;Associazione Roccamontepiano S.R.; Patrica Social Club; Tele30; TheNational Congress of Italians Canadians (National Capital District); theindefatigable Radamis Zacky, and all the student help.A sincere and heartfelt thanks to our special guests, Chef DomenicoSantacroce, his wife Antonella Di Cristofaro, Head Chef FrancoRanallo, Nonna Dora, Signora Ranallo. Their continuing friendship is afulcrum of strength for me.Their brand of food and culture is a winning mixture for the VallePeligna. As ambassadors of Abruzzo, they are spreading the wordworldwide that se vuoi vivere felice devi vivire quassu’!A salute to Chef Rocco Vizzari and the kitchen staff of Villa Marconiwithout whose professional demeanor this event would not have beenpossible. A final shout to Domenic Ricci, a pillar of Villa Marconi, andGiuseppe Castrucci, longtime friend and confidant. They never say die,nor do I.