Mediterranean Multicultural Forum

The 2017 Mediterranean Multicultural Forum

The Mediterranean Multicultural Forum will be held at The University of Ottawa 20-21 October 2017. The upcoming Forum is the second edition of the three day Mediterranean Forum held in Sulmona, Italy in June 2015. On that occasion, scholars and professionals representing countries from the Mediterranean Basin met in Sulmona to discuss topics that included culture, politics, cinema poetry, anthropology, science, migration, and business.

The 2017 Ottawa edition has been renamed Mediterranean Multicultural Forum because of its location in the social model of multiculturalism, Canada, but also due to the Forum’s evolving identity as an intellectual venue that recognizes the co-existence of racial, religious, ethnic, political, historical, and divergent cultural groups within a unified geographical space that has often been called the barometer of world politics.

The Forum is an occasion for teachers, scholars, professionals, students, and the general public to meet, foster working relationships, and share their research with colleagues from universities and colleges from Canada, U.S.A., Italy, Spain, France, Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, Malta, and other Mediterranean neighbors.

Given the number of Mediterranean countries that will either be represented or discussed, we expect a very broad demographic that will include students, academics, professionals, politicians, community leaders, and the general public.

The Mediterranean Multicultural Forum will be a highly publicized event. Channels of information and dissemination will include, but are not limited to, local community newspapers, television and radio, churches, mosques, and various community outreach organizations.