Founder and Coordinator

  • Franco Ricci, Italian Studies, University of Ottawa.


  • May Telmissany, Professor, Arabic Studies, University of Ottawa, Ottawa.
  • Abdallah Obeid, Chair, Arabic Studies, University of Ottawa, Ottawa.
  • Luis Abanto, Assistant Professor, Spanish Studies, University of Ottawa, Ottawa.
  • Walid El Khachab, Associate Professor, Arabic Studies and Cinema, York University, Toronto.
  • Yana Meerzon, Associate Professor, Department of Theatre, University of Ottawa.
  • Martine Lagacé, Full Professor, Department of Communication, University of Ottawa.
  • Jabeur Fathally, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa.
  • Ryme Seferdjeli, Associate Professor, Faculty of Arts, University of Ottawa.
  • Elia Eliev, Assistant Professor,Department of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Thorneleo University.


  • Anthony Russell, Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature, University of Richmond, Virginia.
  • Antonio C. Vitti, Professor of Italian Cinema, Indiana University Bloomington Editor and founder of Luci e Ombre, online journal of Italian and Mediterranean Cinema.
  • Carol Lazzaro-Weiss, Professor, Mediterranean Women’s Studies, University of Missouri, Missouri.
  • Graziella Parati, Director of the Leslie Center for the Humanities, Dartmouth College; Professor of Italian; Professor of Comparative Literature; Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies; Paul D. Paganucci Professor of Italian Language and Literature.
  • Lidia Radi, Associate Professor of French and Italian, University of Richmond, Virginia.
  • Simona Wright, Professor of Italian, The College of New Jersey, New Jersey.
  • Martino Lovato, Visiting lecturer in Classics and Italian, Mount Holyoke College, Massachusetts.


  • Diego Lazzarich, Associate Professor of History of Political Thought, Department of Political Science “Jean Monnet,” University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”; Department of Humanities Social Sciences ,University of Naples “L’Orientale.”
  • Francesco Di Nisio, National President of the AIDOSP, Association of Doctors in Political Science; President of the Corfinium Onlus Association; Founder and Director of the Aquila d’Oro Award.
  • Marta Cariello, Researcher in English Literature, Jean Monnet Department of Political Science, Second University of Naples.

Student Members:

  • Radamis Zaky, Ph.D Student, Institute of Feminist and  Gender Studies, University of Ottawa.
  • Honaida Shahbar,Phd Candidate,Institute of Feminist and Gender Studies, University of Ottawa.