Here are some of the excerpts our panelists in “Uncertain Science, Uncertain Times ” will be discussing the night of Tuesday Oct. 22.

“Why did he come to Copenhagen in 1941?” Margarethe (Act I, p. 1)

“Measurement, which the whole possibility of science depends is not an impersonal event… It ‘s a human act, carried out from a specific point of view in time and space, from the one particular viewpoint of possible observer.” Bohr (Act II, p. 71)

“Because there is an element of magic in it. You fire a neutron at the nucleus of an uranium atom and it splits into two other elements. It’s what the alchemists were trying to do — to turn one element into another.” Bohr (Act I, p. 10)

“You’ve done it, though. You’ve built the bomb… Hands that had actually built the bomb wouldn’t touch mine.” Heisenberg (Act I, p.46-47)

“Does one as a physicist have the moral right to work on the practical exploitation of atomic energy?” Heisenberg (Act II, p. 88)