Come and help us celebrate the afterlife of Shakespeare as part of the University of Ottawa’s “Shakespeare 400” festivities!



Winter term 2016

What: a series of talks by professors from different departments across the University of Ottawa who will show how Shakespeare intersects with their own fields in interesting ways

Where: Simard 129

When: selected Fridays in Winter term 2016, from 1:00-2:00pm

(with the exception of April 13: see below)

The general public and all members of the university community are welcome!


February 5: Graeme Hunter, Department of Philosophy, “The village goat: Some bleats about tragedy and comedy”

February 26: Mitia Rioux-Beaulne, Department of Philosophy, “Naturel et sublime sans la moindre étincelle de bon gout”: Shakespeare’s ambivalent reception in 18th-century France”

March 4: Rainier Grutman, Département de Français/School of Translation and Interpretation, “What does ‘Gilles’ Shakespeare tell us about translation?”

March 11: Karin Schlapbach, Department of Classics and Religious Studies, “Return, forgetful Muse: Poetry and leisure”

March 18: Joseph De Koninck, School of Psychology, “Dreams in Shakespeare’s plays: A modern scientific and clinical look” (with Antonio Zadra, Department of Psychology, Université de Montréal)

April 1: Toby Gelfand, History of Medicine, “A Plague on all their houses: Plagues, poxes, and passions in Shakespeare’s day”

April 8: Douglas Moggach, School of Political Studies, “Shakespeare in Cambridge: Recent work on political context and interpretation”


And a special musical demonstration in the Perez Building:
Wednesday, April 13 at noon: Gilles Comeau, School of Music, “The keyboard lesson during the Elizabethan period”, performance by Dr. Elaine Keillor.