The Sound Patterns Laboratory maintains research activities all year long. Its active members and alumni collaborate on various projects concerning:

  • Speech production
  • Speech perception
  • The link between phonetics and phonology
  • Phonological structures and patterns

Current research projects include:

  • Production of coarticulatory pharyngealization in Arabic (Sawsan Alwabari)
  • Production and perception of vowel nasalization in L1 and L2 Canadian French (Félix Desmeules-Trudel)
  • Tone and intonation in Southeast Asian languages – Vietnamese and Cham (Marc Brunelle)
  • Singapour English prosody (Daryl Chow)
  • Tibetan prosody (Jonathan Lim)
  • Jordanian Arabic Prosody (Abdelaziz Jaradat)

Used techniques:

  • Acoustic analysis
  • Ultrasound
  • Airflow
  • Electroglottography (EGG)