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Dr. Art Babayants

(University of Regina and Toronto Laboratory Theatre)

« Le Besoin d’être mal-armé »: Creating Multilingual Dramaturgy

A one-day workshop

Saturday, April 27, 2019 10:30 am -4:00 pm

In this workshop, mono-, bi- and multi-lingual performers will be invited to co-create dramaturgical material through experimenting with and in various languages: verbal and non-verbal, spoken or written, known and unknown, living or dead. The goal of the workshop is to introduce the concept of multilingual dramaturgy, i.e., dramaturgy that resists translation as its main tool, challenges the hegemony of dominant languages and attempts to create multi-layered meanings intended for multilingual and multicultural audiences.

Performers and dramaturges that do not speak English or French as their first language and/or would like to perform in their second /any additional languages are especially encouraged to apply. Participants are encouraged to bring their own stories, monologues, poems, improv exercises or any other genres (in any of the languages they speak or are currently learning) as the basis for further devising


Art Babyants is a theatre artist, educator and researcher, who has worked in Canada and abroad. His research looks at the phenomenology of multilingual acting and spectating as well as the concept of multilingual dramaturgy. He has published on the issues of stage multilingualism, diasporic theatre, queer dramaturgy, applied theatre and contemporary musical theatre; he has also co-edited Theatre and Learning (2015) and the special bilingual issue of Theatre Research in Canada/Les recherches théâtrales au Canada (Fall 2017) dedicated to multilingual theatre in Canada.  As a theatre practitioner, Art has presented his work at various Toronto festivals such as Fringe (2017), Summerworks (2016) and Nuit Blanche (2015), Caminos (2017).  Since 1997, Art has also been developing theatre projects integrating acting and second language teaching – his most recent ESL/Drama creation called Embodied English is a sought after course for advanced ESL learners. Art holds a Lecturer position at Faculty of Media, Art and Performance at the University of Regina, Saskatchewan





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