Disclaimer / Avis de non-responsabilité

Current members of the Syntax–Semantics Research Group include:


  • Ana Arregui. Research interests: modality, tense, aspect, counterfactuals, modal pronouns, NPIs, psycholinguistics, the processing of meaning
  • Eric Mathieu. Research interests: Syntax, French linguistics, Algonquian linguistics
  • Dennis Ott. Research interests: Displacement and peripheries, ellipsis, comparative syntax
  • María Luisa Rivero. Research interests: Theoretical linguistics, syntax, semantics, comparative and diachronic linguistics, Balkan, Romance, Slavic, interrelationship between philosophy (logic) and linguistics, history of linguistics
  • Andrés Salanova. Research interests: Locality and domains in phonology, morphology and syntax, argument structure, category-changing morphology, the semantics of tense, aspect and modality, and the syntax-phonology interface

Grad students

  • Jumanah Abusulaiman
  • Emad Alansary
  • Justin Case
  • Myriam Dali. Research interests: nouns, plurals, gender, Arabic, singulative languages
  • Brandon J. Fry. Research interests: agreement, movement, locality, syntax-semantics, syntax-phonology, linguistic minimalism, language evolution
  • Daiho Kitaoka
  • Andrew McKishnie
  • Paul Melchin. Research interests: Nominal and clausal structures, argument selection, nominal syntax, pronouns, the syntax-semantics interface
  • Kate Riccomini
  • Vesela Simeonova
  • Kathleen Strader
  • Ray Therrien
  • Tharanga Weerasoriya
  • Gita Zareikar