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  • Oct 13: Justin case leads discussion on the typology of dative experiencer subjects.
  • Sept 29: Brandon J. Fry leads discussion of Ingason, Anton Karl & Jim Wood. 2017. Clause-bounded movement: stylistic fronting and Phase Theory. LI 48:529-541.
  • Sept 15: Brandon J. Fry leads discussion of Baier, Nico. 2017. Antilocality and antiagreement. Linguistic Inquiry 48 (2): 367-377.


  • Mar. 10: Brandon J. Fry and Gita Zareikar lead discussion of M. Wiltschko’s book, the Universal structure of categories.
  • Feb. 17: Brandon J. Fry leads discussion regarding allosemy.
  • Jan. 13: Michelle Burkholder leads discussion regarding Heidi Harley’s paper “On the identity of roots” (2014)
  • Nov 25: Dennis Ott leads discussion regarding fragments.
  • Oct 7: Brandon J. Fry leads discussion of Luigi Rizzi’s paper “Labeling, maximality, and the head-phrase distinction” (2016)
  • Sept 23: Andrew McKishnie leads discussion of paper by Bjorn Lundquist and colleagues, “Anticausatives are semantically reflexive in Norwegian but not in English” (to appear in Glossa)


  • Mar 11: Dennis Ott leads discussion of Benjamin Bruening’s paper “Precede-and-command revisited” (2014, Language)
  • Feb 12: Brandon J. Fry leads discussion of Keir Moulton’s paper “Copies and compositionality” (2015, LI) (http://muse.jhu.edu/journals/lin/summary/v046/46.2.moulton.html)
  • Jan 29: Gita Zareikar leads discussion of Ramchand and Svenonius’s paper Deriving the functional hierarchy (http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.langsci.2014.06.013)
  • Jan 15: Brandon J. Fry leads discussion of Sportiche’s paper Neglect: http://ling.auf.net/lingbuzz/002775
  • Dec 4 : Kathleen Strader leads the discussion of Chapter 6 of Ruth Kramer’s 2015 book The morphosyntax of gender (2015, OUP).
  • Nov 20: Brandon J. Fry led discussion of the following Carstens et al. paper on labeling and head movement: http://ling.auf.net/lingbuzz/001892
  • Nov 6: Michele Burkholder presented “Language Mixing: A Distributed Morphology approach”, a paper by Alexiadou et al. from the NELS 45 proceedings.
  • Oct 20: Iliana Krapova (University of Venice) presented her paper “A comparative approach to Bulgarian possessor datives”.
  • Oct 9: Paul Melchin lead the discussion of Baltin et al.’s paper on variable binding: http://ling.auf.net/lingbuzz/002425
  • Sept 25: Gita Zareikar lead the discussion of Bobaljik and Wurmbrand’s paper “Questions with declarative syntax tell us what about selection” in this new volume celebrating the 50th anniversary of Chomsky’s Aspects, edited by Angel J. Gallego and our very own Dennis Ott: http://filcat.uab.cat/clt/publicacions/Aspects-50-years-later/Aspects/50YearsLater_web.pdf.


  • April 10: Jumanah Abusulaiman presented “ḥag-possessor agreement in Free State construction in Makkan Arabic”; Gita Zareikar presented “Tense, Aspect, and Evidentiality in Azeri”; Vesela Simeonova presented “On the Relation between Miratives, Exclamatives, and Evidentials”
  • March 20: Kate Riccomini presented work on Ojibwe verb agreement and structures
  • March 6: Kathleen Strader presented work on gender agreement and discontinuous elements in Michif
  • Jan 30: Andrew McKishnie presented “A (Partially) Unified Analysis of Russian -sja”; Nova Starr presented “The Syntax and Semantics of Tagalog General Number”
  • Jan 16: Visiting speaker, Michael Barrie, presented “Gender and Person in Iroquoian”
  • Dec 5: Brandon Fry presented work on Long Distance Agree in Ojibwe; Andrés Salanova presented work on applicatives
  • Nov 14: Gita Zareikar presented her work on Persian nominal syntax; Kyumin Kim presented research on Blackfoot
  • Oct 31: Saleh AlQahtani presented the results of his experiment for his comp; Andrew McKishnie and Paul Melchin presented research on interactions between cases and numerals in Russian
  • Sept 26: Paul Melchin presented Kosta 2014, “Case and Agree in Slavic Numerals – Valuation of Features at the Interface within a Phase-based Model”
  • Sept 12: Discussion of Chomsky 2014, “Problems of Projection: Extensions” lead by Brandon J. Fry