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Where to start?

Logging in

To start off, log into your account by using the same login details from InfoWeb (EXXXXXX, password): http://arts.uottawa.ca/visualarts/user or http://arts.uottawa.ca/english/user

Enter your login information

Once logged in, you will be greated with this page:


Modifying Content

Click on Content on the top left corner

There are 2 main content tabs. Content and Snippets. When you click on Content, the Content tab is the default tab.

You must search by Title for your content. The search function of Drupal is very useful.

Content search box:

Snippets search box:


Changing the deadline date for the Jacqueline Fry scholarship on this page: http://arts.uottawa.ca/visualarts/why-study-here/fin-aid

- Click Content on the top left menu

- Type the keyword into the Title field

- Click Apply

- The results is being displayed. This content in this case is not the item you are looking for.

Note: an item can be either a Content or a Snippet. If you can’t find what you are looking for under Content, you must search under Snippets.

- Click the Snippets tab

- Enter the keyword into the Title box and click Apply

The results will be displayed

- Click on Edit